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Hi tech geeks, I copied a bootable cd on to my hdd and burned it as such, but it remains unbottable. How can I make it bootable?



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Well, it happens because when you copy a cd and then burn it, the boot sector is not copied. You would need to extract the boot sector from the cd and then use it to burn it. You can read a tutorial (quite old) here.

Please search, you might get to know more than what you expect.

You cant make a bootable CD like this.
You have to either use copy disk option, or make a image of bootable CD and than burn it.


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And ya......... the moral of the story is, it always pays to make an ISO image of the CD and store it in the hard disk.

And to make it easy, download and install the tool ISO Recorder v2(for XP Pro SP2) and v3(for vista)

Find it here

And there are two threads on the same topic :eek:
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