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  1. soyab0007

    Intel motherboard

    I had got my motherboard intel 945GCPE. replacement from intel service centre and when i assemble my pc it starts properly and then i switch it off.And starts again after 3 hours.But it does not boot only blank screen comes. And sometimes it boots to bios screen and blank screen comes at left...
  2. Sathish

    Urgent help needed..

    Mac OS X Transformation pack created a problem..Help me. im using winxp sp3 with KIS 2009..with latest updates. After i uninstall FlyakiteOSX(mac os transformation pack) last week, i dont see anything when i open administrative tools like services, computer management, etc.. . the particular...
  3. A

    DVD writter not recognizing blank dvd's

    It does read games pre recoreded DVD's ie Films, it reads dvd burnt on other machines and it reads all sorts of CD's. Wen i insert a a blank DVD of any kind the drive instantly turns from a DVD RAM into a cd drive on My computer. Any help anyone could suggest would be great and it show's Free...
  4. K

    Problem With Pen Drive

    Hi I bought a new kingston chinese pen drive and transfered some important data in it but now it is showing the size of the data right but not showing the data. Folder are showing blank please help me to recover the data ASAP. Regards Kappy
  5. P

    airtel gprs using teashark

    tea shark not working properly in my mobile k530i a blank white screen will apper on the screen
  6. A

    Solve it please...

    When i was sitting on my comp. Today everything was fine until a blue screen appeared and before i could read it the computer restarted.Though it was something about physical memory dump And after the processor screen appears the screen goes blank and after some time tells me that it could not...
  7. piyush.ml20

    after installing linux how to format windows

    i m using windows xp sp2. then i install RHEL5 SERVER EDITION IN TEXT MODE too. now when i boot from xp bootable to format window then the screen goes blank.
  8. R

    an unsolved problem with LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N

    Hi, Guys, I've a LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N optical drive called "Super Multi" Brand Is there anyone out there to help me with my DVD writer. Not burning dvds since I bought on 01 Jan 2008. The Pros: 1. It reads few digit DVDs. 2. It reads well all sorts of CDs. 3.It burns CDs well. 4. Bios...
  9. N

    problem with internet explorer

    hi i have a problem with my internet explorer, whenever i open it in the caption of the internet explorer i see about blank but no (microsoft internet explorer) but i see about blank followed by pc protected by shirke ghatkopar mumbai e, i have scaned my pc with virus scan and spyware scan but...
  10. B

    windows xp desktop showing blank screen on logon

    my system which has windows xp sp2 is showing blank screen with arrow cursor on logon. i used third party utilities and restored back to previous date. it was working fine. the next day the problem repeated. i repaired the windows xp installation but for no use. does any one has the solution.
  11. krazzy

    Blank screen during installation of Ubuntu 8.04

    I had ordered the Ubuntu 8.04 CD which arrived today. I was overjoyed to learn that there was an option to install the OS directly by skipping the Live CD feature (for people with 256MB of RAM). When I booted from the CD I selected the option to directly install the OS, upon which the Ubuntu...
  12. coolest111

    drives stopped working.............

    i bought new 8400gs now in every 20-30 mins my vista ultimate shows a blank screen and says drivers stopped working and they have been recovered..........
  13. Y

    IE7pro_2.0 makes web pages blank

    i installed IE7pro_2.0 after which i cannot open web pages. when i try to open any page in the status bar it shows done but the page is blank. i have not changed any IE7pro_2.0 setting.i have also installed adbricks.
  14. K

    user account problem

    hi,whenever i open my user accounts from either control panel or the start menu, it gives a blank white screen.can't figure out wat it is.please help,thanks
  15. midhunmon

    Monitor display goes blank

    Recently while i am working on my pc the monitor suddenly goes blank. it has happened twice. Oce it came back immediately and the other time i had to go to standby mode and then back to get the display. i think the green power led on the monitor is still ON. So the signal might be there. Is my...
  16. Zangetsu

    Blank Optical Media

    Is there any software or tool available which can detect whether a Blank DVD is good 4 storing data or not(I mean the layers r good) coz there r lots of bad Discs in the market (Burn,National,etc) & sometimes the Genuine Brands also fails (SOny,Moser Baier) I use nero Disc Speed but it can...
  17. rameeze

    Continious Beep at start

    Hi What can cause Continious Beep at start, When i start computer a long endles beep starts and display also blank. pls help me to solve problem.
  18. ramsingh

    Rediffmail not opening...

    i am not able to view reiffmail emials.. once i click got ot INBOX.. blank page comes... why??
  19. V

    Blank dvds

    hi. i m luking to buy a 100 blank dvd box for backing up my data. can u tell me which brand to go in for? will sony 16x dvd+r b a gud option? and how to tell whether they r genuine as many fakes r floating around in the market. and wot wud b the cost of box of 100?
  20. U

    no writing only reading

    hi guys i have a comp running p4 3.4Ghz 512 Mb ram....... n the rest running win XP and nero 6. i also have a dvd writer. the prob is that i am not able to write cds. I also tried using real player to copy the music files to a cd but it si,ply doesnt work. Itjust says that the burn process has...
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