1. nac

    [Help] How to effectively use all the desktop screen space in Facebook?

    I have tried google many a times, I couldn't find a solution. It was still the same when I was using 1440x900 screen, now with full HD screen there is more blank space. How can we set the screen so that newsfeed occupies those blank space? Is there any way we can do? or That is how it is...
  2. N

    Screen is blank after Booting of the PC

    Dear Friends, I have Dell 23 Inch Monitor Flat Panel Display, I have CPU Config as follows : Inter Processor I3, H81 Mobo Gigabyte, 4 GB Ram, 550 W SMPS Coolermaster, and 2 HDD of 02TB Each , lately after stating my PC display shows the Boot screen options first than the Windows Icon...
  3. patkim

    Gen query - what is the life of blank CD/DVD

    Just this thought came to my mind..what is the life of a blank CD / DVD. I find that blank CD packs that were manufactured say about 2 years before being available for even less than half the MRP now in some retail stores.
  4. B

    Which is the best brand of blank DVDs?

    Hello, can some one advise me on which brands are the best for blank recordable DVDs? I want to record video and make backup of my important data so i need a brand which is reliable and can preserve data for many years. I usually use Moser Baer but i have been having problems with them for...
  5. M

    RCT3 Blank Screen Win 7

    Dear all, I have just installed Roller coaster Tycoon 3 on my Win 7 pc. But unfortunately its not running. I just get a blank screen with only my cursor visible. It remains that way until I press enter or esc. Then it closes down and the "stopped working...." error appears and nothing happens...
  6. GhorMaanas

    No BIOS screen on new PC

    Hello everyone! posting this on behalf of a friend. he recently bought the following config: AMD FX6300 Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 Kingston HyperX 4GBx2 1600MHz RAM Seasonic S12II - 520W Sapphire HD7870 2GB NZXT Gamma now, he wishes to use his old HDD (which was connected to his old PC) in his new...
  7. The Conqueror

    Unable to count blank spaces

    The problem is to print the total number of upper case characters, lower case characters and blank spaces in a string. Here is my code : #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> int main() { int blank = 0; int upper=0; int lower = 0; char ch[80]; int i; gets(ch)...
  8. bee

    BROTHER IN ARMS : ROAD TO HILL 30 ======== background music but black screen==== HELP!!

    when i open the game i can see the starting ubisoft and gearbox trailer but then theres this blank screen with music playing in the background i so want to play this game please help
  9. Saumil996

    Screen going blank after the windows logo appears

    My 5 month old pc (with a 5 year old HDD) gave its first major problem today :-( . It goes blank after the windows logo and i cannot start windows though ubuntu works fine. Any ideas as to what the problem might be? I observed that the keyboard lights remain illuminated and i can hear the...
  10. velociraptor

    blank screen

    hey fend I have encountered s problem when I boot my desktop only cursor is seen rest screen is blank its in safe mode too so what should I do ?
  11. A

    My laptop is on but the screen is black.

    I was working on my laptop when suddenly the the screen froze and got distorted.....i tried to refresh it and all but it had stopped responding so i switched off the power and restarted it...i could here the motherboard and the processor fan whirring away but the screen remains blank.. i tried...
  12. Hemanth.MMO

    Help! Monitor dims and goes blank

    Monitor ( Viewsonic VX 1940 ) suddenly got dim and after 3-5 seconds went blank, the power light remains on. Switching monitor off and on makes it come back but again after 3-5 seconds goes blank.
  13. A

    resetting comboboxes in vba/excel

    there are 5 comboboxes. each depended on the previous selection. how do i reset them to blank ? the data source is access.
  14. quan chi

    kindly help to find the Driver for this

    guys i have this ENTER - USB TO LAN but i am unable to find its driver.the cd which came with it reads blank or you can say corrupted. can anyone please help.
  15. A

    help regarding bios password (acer aspire)

    hello everyone i want help regarding the BIOS pass word i tried to change my bios password and kept the spaces for the new password blank now when i put the old password or leave the password blank it doesnot work and finally pc halts i need to get it fixed all help appericiated...
  16. V

    Off center display

    i installed dirt3 a couple o days ago. It seemed to be working fine initially but then the display suddenly went off center an in it shifted an inch to the left! leaving a blank black patch on the right. Apart from that, I am able to play the game normally. My background(wallpaper et all) ave no...
  17. Cool G5

    Nokia 5700

    My Nokia 5700 suddenly displayed "no messages" in inbox,my folder,drafts etc today when I booted the phone. The phone even sent a blank sms when I compiled & sent a sms. The sms preview though displayed the message I typed but on opening it was blank. What can I do to restore them? I don't know...
  18. D

    Excel Problem

    hi every one i would like to discuss my problem i m having large excel data sheet in which i normally apply sorting to sort the data party wise. but database which i download from the net is actually starting with ' and then party name. so when i try to sort data on party it is not done...
  19. Akshay

    Samsung P2370 + HD 6850 display issue

    I recently bought a new pc with config - i-5 2400 + Intel H67BL + Sapphire 6850 graphics card + Corsair 450vx and samsung p2370 monitor; Win 7 HP 64bit OS. After using the machine for a few minutes, the display on the monitor either goes blank or only a white screen appears. Only restart...
  20. W

    Screen goes blank randomly

    I have this strange problem my screen goes blank randomly every few seconds. Earlier it used to be only while playing some graphic intensive games but now it happens when i am on the desktop also .. recently i noticed that it kept going blank during boot-up and shut down also. The rest of the...
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