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  1. evewin89

    Getting blank calls from delhi?

    HELLO EVERYONE MY NEME IS CHRIS AND FROM YESTERDAY ONWARDS M GETTING BLANK CALLS FROM DELHI. THE PERSON WHO IS MAKING BLANK CALLS FROM DELHI MOBILE NO.IS- 8287053953 (call received on 3rd feb 2011) 9650530809 (call received on 8:51 AM on 4th feb 2011)9650530809 airtel gsm delhi SO...
  2. Kishal

    wave 533

    I had bought a samsung wave 533 two months back. just yesterday, the touchscreen started taking false inputs so i tried rebooting. however, now the phone does not boot at all. the bada logo appears and then the screen goes blank for a while. then it again starts rebooting , in the same manner...
  3. Desmond

    Blank property box in Visual Studio 2008 Professional

    When I try to make a new project in Visual Studio 08 Pro, I am unable to set any properties for the form because the property box is blank. I tried in VB as well as in C#, but the problem is the same. I tried to check Tools>Options and under Windows Forms Designer, here too the page is blank...
  4. patkim

    DVD RW Disk issue

    I have moserbear DVD RW disk. Off lately it fails to get detected or takes too long to get detected. This happens after I erase the contents & disk is blank. The disk with some data/file burnt onto it gets detected immediately. I have tried both methods quick as well as full erase. End...
  5. S

    C graphics wont work on my pc

    Hello I have an issue C graphic programming. I have simple circle drawing program. You can view the program code at: http://testsrikanth.ipower.com/CIRCLES.txt . I m using Borland C 3.0 version. When I compile it doesn't have any errors. However, When I Run the program, it show blank...
  6. Jaskanwar Singh

    Printer giving out blank papers!!!!!

    i have HP DESKJET F2235 all-in-one. whenever i print something, the printer gives out blank papers:!: the cartridges are full and i even cleaned out their contacts. i restarted the printer, but still the same problem comes. please help.:-(:-(:-(
  7. avichandana20000

    Dvd showing blank

    A year or two ago i have downloaded some Eng movies in .avi format and burnt a DVD. I have watched them both in DVD Player(samsung) and in my computer.(it was Sempron proccy, OS xp and SAMSUNG Combo) Later my pc was damaged and just two months back i have bought the new rig.( AMD PHENOM II X4...
  8. rohitshubham

    blank dvd not accessible

    hey my problem is that in my dvd writer blank dvd's and cd's are written as not accessible it gives "g: is not accessible access denied" my dvd writer is sony dvd rw dru-v200a
  9. sachinmu.1995

    Windows Vista Home Basic startup blank screen

    Hey guys, i have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop with the following config - 1.83ghz CPU 3gb ddr2 ram 160gb internal harddisk running on windows vista home basic 32-bit recently, i restarted my comp, i logged in as administrator, and then, all i see is a white blank screen. a few days before...
  10. A

    Blank Pop-up on Opening New Window

    Whenever I open a new window in Internet Explorer 7 a blank pop up comes and the page doesnt load until i click OK or the Close Button Here's an image Anyone knows what the problem is? I scanned the PC, no threats found. Need help quick!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. harshitjain

    Python cgi: Blank Screeen

    I'm a newbie to python and was trying to create a cgi script, however when I try to run it from my college's domain......it only shows me a blank screen.....I've also done "import cgitb; cgitb.enable()" but it doesn't show any errors.......I've searched many forums on web but couldn't find the...
  12. ajai5777

    Urgent help needed cant login to windows

    I hav been using my administrative pw as blank.but yesterday i uninstalled avast and installed comodo internet security.after installation it insisted to restart after that when i login a password box appears near my name since my pw is blank i tried just pressed enter without typing anything...
  13. H

    unable to open blank dvd or cds

    Hi, i'm unable to open blank cds or dvds on my system. it says..G: not accessible, incorrect function need help thank you...!
  14. C

    External HDD - Urgent

    Erm, wrong section I know but well all the guys are roaming around love threads so thought of posting here. Its pretty urgent. Need to leave for hostel in few days and need an external hard drive. Is the following a good deal...
  15. garfield_56

    Cpu restarts on giving jerks!!!!!!

    my pc was working fine...then one day..i shut it down nd the next time i switched it back on (about6-7 hrs later)...the monitor was blank and there were many beeps coming from the CPU..... then next day...i tried switching it on again....this time the beeps were gone but the screen was still...
  16. sujeet2555

    Monitor goes blank like sleep mode

    My config is ;P4 1.7 Ghz ,845 mobo,Gainward Nvidia 6800le,512 md ram,400 Watt cheap PSU.My monitor is going blank ,LED of the monitor goes from green to orange color.Cpu is just running and sound also play for some time and then stops.Nothing works in attempt to start the pc.i have to restart...
  17. R

    How much does a blank Dual-layer DVD cost ?

    Was just wondering, like.
  18. Worried From Bugs

    Google & Gmail Showing Blank Pages

    Hello Friends, I have a problem with Firefox actually I am getting a blank page when I try to access my GMail Account. It says "Loading...", then nothing - Just a blank page. Same problem with searching & many times Google.co.in showing blank pages. Some Website Also Showing Blank pages in...
  19. Revolution

    How To : Write Big Single File Using Nero

    Please help me ! How can I write a big file (size more that 2gb,iso or rar) on a blank dvd ? I want to create an iso dvd-rom(data) disk. Thank you.....
  20. K

    how to identiy a original sony blank dvds

    Hi friends, When ever i shop for blank sony dvds ,i wonder whether they are genuine or duplicate. Is there any way to confirm that they are genuine. I usually buy lose dvds, not in sealed packs.Because they are comparitively pricey. Any suggestions? please.this may help lot of...
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