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  1. sujithtom

    Quick Time error

    I can't open .mov files in Quicktime. It shows an error. I have put a screenshot below... When I open in Real Player it just showes a blank white screen. P.S No virus, latest version of both players...
  2. N

    website is opening automatic

    i have a internet explorer 6 when i connect to the internet and double click internet explorer some other site is opening. i have changed option for about blank from intenet options. but after you close the explorer and open it. it again opening the website. plz help me how to keep it always...
  3. M

    blank screen during clicking a link

    i use both internet explorer 6 and opera 7.54 for browsing.recently after upgradation to win xp pro, i have noticed a peculiar problem.i.e when you click a link during browsing instead of opening that link a blank screen appears in both the browsers.an any one help? is it due to any settings...
  4. D


    dears what is deference between blank dvd & blank cd
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