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  1. H


    I hav a 3.2GB folder and my sys doesn't hav a dvd burner. Now i want to transfer this to another sys. but i cannot remove this hard drive. So my only way out is to split them into archive of size which would fit in a cd and then move them to the other system.. Which file archiver...
  2. qudra

    WinRAR 3.61

    Hi guys. I am here with another flashing news & this time its about WINRAR. As we know its a powerful archive manager. But with the release of Winrar 3.60 Final, Somehow most people I think is not familiar with the problem with the rar i.e., multithreaded text compression module - is a bug...
  3. linardni

    Online Archive

    Can't there be any archive of all the softwares on CD & DVD supplied with Digit till date? It will be useful for searching any specific software from the huge collection, the Digit enthusiasts have with them. Furthermore there will be no need of installing the archive list in the local PC. Just...
  4. anantkhaitan

    NFO Revealed

    Many a times you download some archive files with some 'nfo' file with it And when you click on this nfo file some system information window opens........ STRICTLY OF NO USE You can try a freeware "DAMN NFO Veiwer" which is a light weight tool for veiwing the content of NFO files which...
  5. executioner

    Cd from DVD

    Hi, I have call of duty 2 in dvd.i want convert it into cd.is there anyway i can do it?how can i create a self extracting archive and make many rar files containing the game and then extract each of them to make the dvd on hdd and then instal from it.
  6. P

    help me setup a smartlink dialup modem and connect via sancharnet dialup

    I'm completely new to linux and have installed fedora core 4. I have a smart link 56k dialup modem from krypton and it is working fine in windows xp. I'm not able to install its drivers in linux. At first I used the driver provided by the manufacturer (slmdm-2.7.14). I extracted the...
  7. N

    Corrupted RAR Archive

    Hi Guys.... One of my friend in US has uploaded the ISO of his marriage DVD in rapidshare. He has splited the files into 41 RAR Archive with each file has 99 MB and uploaded it. And he gave me the link and asked to download it from net. Since i have rapidshare Premium account i used flashget...
  8. ax3

    Update Digit cd archive ! ! !

    do u or have u, updated Digit cd archive ???
  9. RCuber

    A few ubuntu questions.

    Hi guys,today i finally decided to use linux after a long time :). I have a ubuntu 5.10 live cd and im posting this using it . I have a few quesions. 1. Will my configurations be save onto the disc? its no problem for me if ubuntu wants to use some hard dsc space. 2. can it detect my two...
  10. H

    Yahoo Archive Problem

    Hi, I generally use Yahoo messenger to communicate to my office staff, that's why I enabled archive option to save all of my messages. But yesterday I checked in program files folder that all the Archive has been creating in the .dat format. Is it secure or not? may be in my absence...
  11. QwertyManiac

    Sims 2: University Expansion

    I have an original Sims 2 University expansion disk (CD type, not DVD) and it got scratched due to over usage/re-install, now 2 files in the archive (compressed.zip) of the 2nd CD has gone corrupt. If anybody has that game, please extract and share those 2 files with me. The files are: 1...
  12. P

    strange problem, help me

    my pc is behaving strangely since last 5 weeks i'm using windows XP pro and my pc straight away shuts down(as if someone has switched off the switch) on follwing occasions without giving any message: 1)whenever i add files to a zip or rar archive 2)whenever i am about to make CD iso image...
  13. linardni

    What is Archive?

    What does Archive mean and what's its utility found under Properties of any Folder?
  14. Kniwor

    Immediate help needed, currupt rar....imp files

    I had taken some important videos and pictures from my camera for my college project work....now....firstly dont suggest me to take them again because i dont have any camera in this hostel....and i am 2000 miles away from that place where i had taken the pictures..and exams are going on I...
  15. expertno.1

    WinRK- The Compressor - winrar 7-zip winzip under its feet

    Have you ever heard about WinRK ? No ? Then you must read on coz its gonna blow your mind ! Did you thought that WinRAR 7-zip and winzip are the best compressor ? Then you are wrong ! :twisted: read ON ! Well i knew this software for months but i found that no one had discussed...
  16. nitish_mythology

    Sudokool Error!!

    Problem running sudokool in win xp sp-2 I downloaded the zip file of the sudokool. When I opened the zip archive using winzip and extracted the jar file an error occured. The log file of the error is as follows- Extracting to "C:\DOCUME~1\pku\LOCALS~1\Temp\" Use Path: no Overlay Files...
  17. Generic Superhero

    Yahoo Messenger Archive

    where is the yahoo msngr archive stored? can the archives be converted 2 html or pdf or any other 4mat so that i can share those wid my frenz.
  18. tech_cheetah

    Sudokool - testing phase

    ---plz ignore this post n scroll down for latest developments in Sudokool--- Dear Friends .. Hi !!! Here is a testing job for u people. I have modified the Sudokool game and optimised the display to work in linux.However it may be possible that still the game window doesn't give the desired...
  19. rajat22

    How to remove password in winrar

    Please let me know. I have a lot password protected winrar archive and want to remove the passwords permanantly. How to do :?:
  20. I

    Yahoo Archive

    Which is the best Yahoo Message decoder(freeware)
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