1. Desmond

    Classic PC games on the Internet Archive

    The Internet Archive, the website that is dedicated to maintaining an archive of every website in existence, also has a section dedicated to curating and sharing classic PC games from the days gone by. Here you can download your favourite classics...
  2. T

    Indira was put in place by murdering Lal Bahadur Sastry the first Hindu PM of India, by the KGB

    A nice to read article on how Russia destroyed India. This also explains why Subramanian Swamy is so much against Sonia Gandhi and Russia. It also explains mystery behind Lalbahadur Shashtri's sudden death(murder). Today readers will take this as "conspiracy theory" but Swamy has already said...
  3. baiju

    Free Download Manager Zip file corrupted

    I am using FDM for download purpose. It has the option to select and download individual files from a zip archive. It has been working fine. But now the zip files are downloaded but I can't extract the files and it says corrupted archive. There is no problem if I download the entire archive. I...
  4. Ironman

    How to Automate Daily Tasks like ?

    How to Automate Daily Tasks like ? 1. Downloading The Picture from the homepage of a website and then download it and then upload it on my blog I am making a archive of all Bing images daily , so i want to automate this task Is there a software or a web service that will do it or help...
  5. T

    EMERGENCY!! PLEASE HELP!! how to open .ARC file?

    how do i open an .arc file? i used free arc and it showed :- ERROR: D:\*file name*.arc isn't archive or this archive is corrupt: archive signature not found at the end of archive. please recover it using 'r' command or use -tp- option to ignore recovery record what to do??? please...
  6. S

    Are there any archive to DVD contents?

    Are there any archive to the DVD contents provided? I have a gallery of DVD in my home and its hard to find which software is in which DVD PS. I am searching for Wine full installation in Debian format (for Ubuntu), and I can't download it online. Can you manually tell me in which DVD is it...
  7. doomgiver

    softwares needed for xubuntu

    running xubuntu 11.04 natty. i need a media convertor(converting songs and video to other formats) and a archive manager (preferred with gui, like winrar) thanks.
  8. nims11

    Digit Software Archive with GUI

    few weeks ago i posted my command line version (here) of digit software archive (YADSA). Now, using Qt, i have given it a GUI. its my first Qt project (and my first open source one too!!), so please suggest any possible improvements, bugs, feedback. in addition to GUI, i have updated the...
  9. nims11

    Yet Another Digit Software Archive

    I made my version of Digit Software archive which i call YADSA(Yet Another Digit Software Archive).(download link at the end of the post) The software archive range from may 2010 to june 2011 (digit has not provided the spreadsheets for the dvds of previous issues, which i used to generate the...
  10. rahul_c

    BSOD again!

    I was getting multiple blue screens on my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop, to make sure I didnt have any software issues I formatted the entire HDD. But today I got it again! Is there any way to get rid of them? I have attached the log files(RAR archive renamed for uploading) it consists of two files...
  11. vamsi360

    Test drive new Digit Archive

    Hi friends, Please test drive the new Digit Archive. The above is the link to the thread containing the new software. Please give your feedback there.
  12. sxyadii

    New " DIGIT ARCHIVE " thread

    Hello frnds,I m working on new SOFTWARE ARCHIVE for DIGIT for others too. It has lots of features and easy to use. Features:- *You can update its database through file or manually. *You can search software details by month,year,name,category,locations. Screenshots
  13. J

    CRC errors on rar archive files.

    Hi friends. I'm new to this digit forum. The problem with my PC is whenever i'm downloading some files which are in rar format, after download it never extracts properly showing crc errrors. If i force recheck that files it downloads again and next time it shows same crc error on a random...
  14. NucleusKore

    Holographic storage disc

    Source: A disc that can store 500 gigabytes (GB) of data, equivalent to 100 DVDs, has been unveiled by General Electric. The micro-holographic disc, which is the same size as existing DVD discs, is aimed at the archive industry. But the...
  15. digitalage

    Where is digit archive??

    hay i am really disappointed by the removal of digit archive??? where can i find its latest setup.... because i am not able to update it....
  16. V

    Digit Archive updating

    I installed Digit Archive from one of the Digit CDs; it is 2006 version, now when I tried to update it I get this message: "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click CONTINUE, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click QUIT, the...
  17. V

    Designed New Digit Archive, Download it here

    Update Thanks for your support! The Digit Archive has been included in the July issue 2009 of the Digit Magazine :-) W00T! Added an Auto-Update feature to version 2.0.Now the Archive database will be updated from the internet. All previous users are requested to download the latest version...
  18. Nithu

    Digit Archive??? In which CD/DVD??

    Please anybody know about the last Digit Archive ? Where can i get this ? I mean in which months Digit CD/DVD?
  19. A

    Digit Archive ? ? ?

    Anyone know what happened to Digit Archive? I cannot find it anywhere on the discs and when I try to update it online, there is some error(.NET framework error). Any idea why they discontinued this very useful piece of software? Can anyone tell me in which month was the setup of AVG Free...
  20. aditya.shevade

    Where is digit software archive??

    Heya people. Sorry I am not searching. Contacted kalpik and QwertyM, both know nothing about it. Ans since a mod does not know, I figured, it is not on the forums yet. Anyways, where the hell is the latest software archive? I cannot find it. Someone please tell me. Thanks, Aditya
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