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  2. rajat22

    WinRAR 3.50 - Final released

    WinRAR 3.50 - Final What's new in the latest Version 3.50 final: RAR - What's new in the latest version Version 3.50 1. Now it is possible to change WinRAR's look by installing interface themes. Theme files are available on http://www.rarlab.com/themes.htm...
  3. D

    F1F1F1.......help ME out.....SILLY WinRAR

    i get an error ! C:\Downloads\VCTrainerPlus9.rar: Unexpected end of archive whenever i try to open any archive related to GTA ViceCity that i download from the net. what does this mean. && how can it be rectified. H E L P M E O U T
  4. expertno.1

    password recovery

    @mods if u think this post is illegal then please lock it this is not the problem of mine but of my friend he just got winrar and he made his archive password protected a few days ago yesterday there was a neeed to open the fils of the archive but the archive asked for password But...
  5. F

    Winrar's makin me cry

    Hi guys, well ihave a problem and here it is. a few montha ago me and a friend created an archive using winrar 2.0. we then sealed it by using the encryption. the archive contains a lot of pics, wallpapers. the pictures we really need. the problem is that we dont seem to remember the password...
  6. Curious Guest

    Browser Archive

    A SHIPFULL OF BROWSERS (100 or more?) ooooops :o Check here http://browsers.evolt.org/
  7. F

    Winrar troubles

    hi this is my problem any one who can help pls help. me and my pal created a self uniting archive using gsplit. when it is assembled it is a winrar 2.x archive and we sealed it off using a password. the archive contains a lot of wallpapers and some digital photos. we kind of dont remember the...
  8. P

    Password Protection

    Hi! guys I would like to know if there is any way by which using winzip i can password protect the archive. Thanx in advance!!
  9. F

    Winrar Woes

    Hi one and all a few monts ago me and my friend Kiran created an winrar archive. we used winrar. we set a password and sealed it off. the file contains a lot of wall papers and a few pictures taken on a digicam. we want to open it now but we dont seem to remember the password. we tried all...
  10. V

    What Is Archive?

    hi all i found three things on the propertise of any file in windows read only, hidden, and archive but i dont know about archive what this mean????
  11. rajeshjsl

    archive why not in dvd

    there is no archive of previous dvds in now avialable dvd when there was the time of cd we had archive but now nothing which is very annoying how to archive all the dvds :evil: :evil:
  12. G

    Any way I can archive emails received in Outlook Express ?

    Is there any way I can archive emails received in Outlook Express. I want to archive them and keep them separately in a zipped file etc. for later viewing when necessary. I find accumulation of emails in the Outlook Express slows down the utility .. But I would like to keep all the old...
  13. fanatic

    Winrar - The archive is either corrupt or damaged

    Hey all, I need help of all u guys Yesterday i downloaded CCNA Training Kit which is of 125 MB and a Winrar file. When i tried to open the file it gave me the error message "Winrar - The archive is either corrupt or damaged" I tried to Reapir that file with Winrar's built in Repair...
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