1. sagar_coolx

    new 939 pin board

    my asus a8n-e just conked off...the sellers offerin 3500 for wat do i do with it? can i get a new a8n-e or better with dat amount? or wil i hav to go for second hand?
  2. B

    Surveys, have a look

    I am interested in Surveys Sites emerging on the internet. Can you please guide me the different survey site which you know, and the amount you earn from them.:p Thank You in advance:p
  3. Cool G5

    Hack CD drive into Lab Scanner

    HERE'S A TIP TO SAVE SOME $70,000 (Rs. 2807000) Researchers at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain needed a lab scanner, but didn't have the cash to pay for it, they didn't panic or started any hulabaloo about lack of funds. Instead, Angel Maqueira and his colleagues (must be...
  4. soumya

    DesiTorrents is closed :(

    From the site: DT is offline! Our financial situation has been critical for the past few months, and the donations very slow. Since DT is a torrent site, our advertisers are not being kind to us either. You may have noticed recently that all the ads were removed from the site. Currently...
  5. S

    help!! ram problem

    while the post messages are displayed when i turn on my pc, i get some messages i don't have any idea of.its like this : ddr 333 -> operating in single channel memory mode maximum memory perfomance is acheived with matched dimms. installed amount of memory in channel a is not equal to...
  6. nithinks

    RENTACODER Bidding Tips....

    Hello members, Two months ago i registered for and from the past 21 days I am placing bidds on several projects.But all of them got rejected ,I know that this forum has several members who earn considerable amount in rentacoder, so can you people give me some tips on bidding...
  7. N

    Help reg. Formulae In Ms.Excel

    Hi guys... I am bit confused in creating formulae for the following calcullation... Please help me out... This is regarding share trading: For Cash Trades : Let us say Trade Amount is 30,000.00 Brokerage = 30000 * 0.75 / 100 = 225.00 If Brokerage is less than 25.00 then 25.00 is charged...
  8. Pravas

    Suggest me a good Lappy

    Hi guys , any one please suggest me a good lappy within 60k. Please suggest me best available features at that amount.
  9. S

    Rtvscan.exe uses high amount of memory and cpu

    I have norton 10.0 installed on my computer. i find that it's process uses an unusually high amount of memory,55Megs. and also sometimes the cpu usage shoots up. what should i do to resolve this problem? this is my configuration: p4 3.06 ghz 1 gb ram 160gb hdd nvedia 256mb display card
  10. royal

    Chnage to BSNL 500 plan

    Friends, currently I am on 900 UL + plan. However I plan to shift to 500 plan from next month ...the reasons are as follows <1> Even if I get 1mbps, I can download the same amount in 6 hours (2 a.m. - 8 a.m.) that I can download during the whole day in 256 kbps . I think 2.5 GB is enough for...
  11. J

    How do i decide AMD or Intel

    Hey guys could u help me out with do i decide whether i go in for an amd or intel procy??? Im confused between amd x2 and the core 2 if i go in for an x2 the click spped is high for wht im paying but if i go in for core2duo same amount clock speed is low!! but they say...
  12. blackpearl

    Make your PC sing lullaby for you

    If you are in the habit of listening to music while in bed, then this is a software for you. Goodnight timer reduces the sound volume of your computer in a given amount of time and speed, as you fall asleep, and then shuts down your computer.
  13. N

    how to connect pc to tv

    i want to connect my pc to my tv, i have onida tv, pls tell me how can i do it and how much will it cost me , i do not want to spend too much amount.
  14. raksrules

    1.15 GB on a 700 MB CD-R. How come ??

    Going through my room mate’s Software CD collection, I found a CD labeled ‘Windows 2000’ . It was a Moser Baer 700 Mb CD-R. But on checking the properties of the contents on the CD, I found that the total data was of the size 1.15 GB!!! Can anybody please explain me how can this much amount...
  15. S

    Abt 845 motherboard feature

    Hi .. can any one tell me wheather there any AGP slot in intel845 based mother board...what is the maximum amount of ram that can b added to this mother board???
  16. coolendra

    Wat according to u is d best way to earn online !!!!!!

    Hi gyus... recently i was discussing this topic wth my friend... nd now wud like to know that wat is the best way to earn online without doing a fulltime job.. like nething parttime online to earn a good amount.... ne suggestions.. ??????
  17. S

    6680 for sell

    iam selling my 6680 , just 2 weeks used , nothing wrong with it , along with two memory sticks. interested persons pm , iam selling just for getting another phone.. my quote amount is 13750/- ..... quote your amount
  18. A

    Internet usage charge for NETONE

    Hi, I am using NETONE...the number used in netone is 172222 I would like to know the amount per hour for this number
  19. nishant_nms

    Suggest a JAVA compiler

    Plz suggest me the best JAVA software I can pay any amount for it.
  20. C

    Weird Torrent Query!!!

    Hi Everyone, Am using Bitlord for downloading torrents.Bitlord shows all the summary of the torrent being downloaded.And i saw that the total amount of data exceeds that of the total size of the the file being downloaded.There is no rubbish data also.So why we need to download so much more of...
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