1. G

    The Police Officer On Behalf Of Airtel – FIR, Threats etc

    Omg never expected such unethical practice by #failtel via:Twitter- a guys complain on blog Source:
  2. ajaybc

    Buying Kindle from

    I am looking to buy Amazon Kindle Touch WiFi from and have it shipped to India. It says it costs $139 for the international version. What I want to know is that , is that the total amount I have to pay ? I mean I had bought Jtag kit from which is a Canadian...
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    where can i buy fallout 3?

    hi i checked on flipkart and game4u but they dont seem to have it but i found this on Buy Fallout 3 for PC in India at the best price. Screenshots, videos, reviews available. is this a good site? like flipkart or where else can i buy it please guys help me i am a fan of the...
  4. J

    Any LGA 775 processor

    As the title suggests I need a LGA 775 processor. Any LGA processor will suffice even old p4 would be fine. The proccy should be compatible with intel DG 35 EC motherboard. I want to resurrect an ancient PC for one of my cousin.The usage of the PC will be learning computer basics and some...
  5. Aj12

    [Query] Help With amazon Shipment

    Is there someone who has purchased Cases ,Cooling Kits etc or other such components from My doubt is have you been charged extra on arrival of your shipment by customs or is the final amount that you paid before confirming the order on their website the only transaction that you have...
  6. saz

    Tuniq MX3/ Tuniq MX4/ Arctic Silver Matrix/ ARCTIC MX-2/ ARCTIC MX-4

    Hi All, Need to buy any of the mentioned TIM (Thermal Interface Material) as I am unable to find them locally and most of them are currently 'Out of Stock'. I need a good amount of TIM as I would use it for a couple of CPUs. Would pay price depending upon the current market price and amount...
  7. B

    ipod touch 4th generation

    i'm searching for a ipod touch 4th gen in good condition. it must be with all the accessories and original box. preferably 32gb variant. i will transfer the amount in your account:-) my location: indore (m.p.) offer me your best price :)
  8. dead.night7

    Should Digit give COD as one payment option???

    I know that many on this forum including me may not have their creditcards or debit cards to make an online purchase. I've been purchasing Books from many online sites by the option for cash on delivery. And yet they give our courier fully protected. Now whenever I get tempted to purchase Digit...
  9. P

    Transfer huge amount of data

    I want to trasnsfer huge amount of data(more than 250 gb) from my cousins 2 PC's(laptop n desktop) into my laptop.Can anyone suggest me the easiest way for the same.?
  10. Ronnie11

    Computer specs required with a budget of 22000

    Hey guys,my friend needs some help,so i am posting it here...his budget is 22000 & he nedds a whole new computer including monitor & speakers.. & everything else... His usage is more of multimedia but some amount of office work is involved pls recommend an possible amd spec...
  11. Faun

    Relief Efforts

    Starting a thread so that we can contribute to the victims of natural disasters and maladies around the world. Though we all share a common thread of humanity and solidarity but still a little amount of donation can help much :smile: Donated to Japanese Red Cross society via google checkout.
  12. K

    which mobile

    Hi Guys, I want to buy a mobile phone.My budget is from Rs.2500/- to 3000/-. Which is the best mobile phone for this amount?
  13. H refund.

    Hi, This is very shocking for me, that i purchased an item through payment gateway. the product have 30 days money back gaurantee, so i applied for refund and i recieved an e-mail from that a refund issued to your account and money is sent back to your bank...
  14. INS-ANI

    Which GPRS Service is best suited?

    Now a days, its pretty hard to find any unlimited GPRS tarrif. DO you guys are aware of any service provider offering unlimited GPRS for a fixed amount?
  15. bodyquest

    HDD 250 gb SATA II seagate

    Got 1 seagate hdd 250 gb SATA II ....Model ID-ST3250310AS. warranty unto 16 JAN 2013 ... 1650/- shipped any where, location: raipur CG! reason for sale is a bigger hdd , need slot in cabinet.... Rma'ed unit 2-3 months old but as u can see ample amount of official warranty almost 33...
  16. A

    Delay Javascript Execution

    The Script needs to do the following:- 1. Accept the input from the user ie. The user tells the amount of time by which the execution should be delayed. 2. Delays the execution of the script by that amount of time
  17. sandeepkochhar

    Airtel sent Legal Notice

    Hi fellas!! One of my friend got a legal notice from Airtel Postpaid mobile. He was not paying the bills due to non receipt of monthly bills. Now he wants to settle score with Airtel. Should he bargain the amount of bill as they have included late fees charges and similar other levies on the...
  18. Z

    Has anyone bought from

    Just wondering. Im interested in buying a Studio XPS 16 from the Dell site. Customized, it amounts to about Rs. 72,000. But it says taxes will me mailed to me after I provide my paying options. Has anyone bought anything from there? And how much would the taxes amount to? Is it possible to...
  19. sravan

    Knowing amount of VRAM

    I recently bought gigabyte eg31m-s2l motherboard. Now,how can I know amount of VRAM ?? In BIOS , I can see a option "on chip frame buffer....." which is set to 8MB + 1MB. Is this the onboard video memory???
  20. NoasArcAngel

    help with converting videos for psp

    hello there everyone i have 3 avi movie fies and want them to convert to .mp4 [mpeg - 4] format so i can run it on my psp i already tried using the red kawa psp video9 software but it was unsuccesful [was taking a large amount amount of time slow laptop proccy i have ....], i recently downloaded...
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