1. M

    program compiles but does'nt run

    Hey guys help me I use XP and just made a program in C when i compile it it shows 0 erros and 0 warnings when i run the program the first line is displayed "Enter the amount:" when i do so an erro comes up showing a prolem has occured and we're sorry for the inconvinience help me
  2. Z

    Buying a graphics card..need advice

    my config is p4 3 ghz prescot 865gv asrock mobo 1 gb of ddr 400 2*512 dual i need a new garaphics card the on board is budget is around 4500...please sugesst a good amount of ram on the card...and please tell me the price
  3. R

    Where can I sell my old m/b & Processor

    I own a PIII 733Mhz Proc., FIC Intel 815 Chipset board, Nvidia Geforce4 MX440 64mb card. I wnat to sell this away in order to upgrade my pc. So please can someone advice me where can I sell this ( either online or in hyderabad) old stuff and how much amount can I get for this.
  4. K

    Lost Windows XP CD

    I bought a Windows XP CD from Microsoft a couple of years back. I have also registered it online. A couple of days back I was trying to reinstall my OS and I realized that I had lost the CD. Is there any way I can get a replacement for the CD, I am ready to pay any nominal amount for the same...
  5. Vishal Gupta

    S/w to check the exact amount of RAM in the system?

    Guys! Is there ne s/w available on net to check the exact amount of RAM in the system? I mean I hv heard that there r many RAM available which shows amount like 128, 256 etc in My computer properties but actually they r not of that capacities and hv only 64 or near about it. (these RAms r...
  6. K

    Commandline tool like dBase for Linux

    I am using RedHat Enterprise Linux 8. I need a program to maintain cash book with denomination for every transaction. It should calculate the amount for the entered transaction and write it as an entry. Every entry should have 2 denominations one for the amount tendered and the other for the...
  7. sidewinder

    Budget 10k.I want everything.Sugest me one....

    I want 1.gprs class 10 to surf net with my computer 2.65K screen 3.FM 4.Infra red or blue tooth 5.A good camera 6.good batter life 7.Edge...if possible 8.Good amount of memory 9.Mp3 playing capability Video on.I am totally confused.It seems no handset confers all...
  8. goobimama

    Earth Ablaze! (Photoshop Tutorial)

    This one’s a long tutorial but its easy and results are guaranteed. Makes a molten planet… Step 1: Create a new document: 800x800, white background. Then, create a new layer (Ctrl+J) Step 2: Take your Elliptical Marquee Tool. While holding down shift, create a circle almost the size of...
  9. A

    New Games Problems..

    All new games problems is RAM. I only got 128 MB Ram. Anyone knows about a new game that can run on this amount of ram. I just want to buy tht kind of game.
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