1. B

    BEWARE : TATA Indicom Broadband Users!

    All TATA Indicom broadband users, Please check your usage details for 13th and 20th December, there has been wrong amount debits has been happening bcoz of their system problem. On 13th morning it was showing log out time of evening 5.30pm & amount was debited calculating the usage time...
  2. esumitkumar


    IS INDIA A POOR COUNTRY? by M R Venkatesh Revelation of Swiss bank accounts This is so shocking.......If black money deposits was an Olympics event.... India would have won a gold medal hands down. The second best Russia has 4 times lesser deposit. U.S. is not even there in...
  3. E

    Hibernation - a n/w issue

    Hello, We have a lot of PC's in the n/w for different users. The anti-virus etc are programmed to be updated during night. Now there is a thought that if we go for hibernation , we can save a significant amount of power. There is a view that if a machine is infested and switched on later...
  4. C

    Virus hits nearly 75% of systems on Afghanistan military base

    Source Ha ha!! commodity desktops whose software shares an enormous amount of DNA with systems that sit on every workplace in the planet. Ha ha what software is that? :p
  5. M

    A really long rant against SBI bank !!!!

    I have had really bad experiences in India but this really tops them all Or Does It ??? Well here it goes ::: i wanted to open a FD account in SBI bank for a period of 1000 days and that part of the amount was to be from my ICICI bank account (the sh33iest of all indian banks ) and the rest was...
  6. T

    In Big trouble! Please bail me out..

    Hi Everybody!! My ISP You Telecom has charged me an unfair bill (it will be generated on 1st Nov).The details of my plan are Name-YOU 500 Amount-550+ Service Tax + 0.8* NO OF EXTRA MBs Used. Speed-upto 2Mbps Download & Upload Limit-2.5 GB Prepaid This month they have unfairly shown usage to...
  7. Desperado

    Taking a plunge into Linux...

    Calling all linux users to suggest some of the most easiest Linux OS that i could start with in a dual mode... I am running Windows Xp SP3 with Intel D102cgg2, with 1 GB RAM. I am tired with windows and the never ending saga to reformat it almost every 2 months. I am alien to Linux and have just...
  8. confused

    How much amount of PC133 SD-RAM, will Intel Solano 815i support?

    Hi guys, i have an old PC, which i need to make use of. It already has 2x128MB SD-RAM. One of these is 100Mhz, other 133Mhz. The mobo has three ram slots overall.... So my question is: will the pc function if i add a 256MB stick??? or will all sticks need to have same capacity?? Also, what...
  9. Shloeb

    goto statement in JAVA

    I have just started java classes 4 days ago. And i have been given an assignment. To make that assignment i have to use a command similar to goto statement. Assignment is: Design a class to represent a bank account Data types -Name of the depositor -Account number -Type of account -Balance...
  10. T

    Need help in buying a Dell laptop

    Hi, I am from Chennai. I want to buy a Dell Inspiron 1420 and given below is the price for the same after configuring my laptop on the Dell website. In this price list, the total tax is given as Rs.7383.58. I would want to know if there is any way I can bring down the tax. Also, since this is...
  11. P

    Giftmate Problem!

    hello friends this is my first post.. i have a query I have 6 of my giftmate vouchers of Rs 250 each but i cant redeem them for 1500, is there any way i can redeem for a their total amount rather than individual ones... please reply thnk u
  12. agnels

    Your 2w loan rate is 36% not 18%.

    I was offered a two wheeler loan from ICICI bank at 18% Loan amount: 31500 Tenure: 2.5 yrs EMI: 1475 So if i calculate emi at a reducing loan amount the loan rate comes to 36%. Your comments please.
  13. ToxicSerpentz

    Firefox Cookie Problems

    Using Windows XP with SP2 Using Firefox Addons Installed: AdBlock Plus,Better Gmail,Customize Google,Download Statusbar,Fasterfox,Flashgot,FootieFox,Google Web Accelerator,Tab Mix Plus,McAfee Site Advisor,Greasemonkey The problem is whenever i log into a website,the very next link i...
  14. User Name

    help me BSNL BB uasge..

    i just check Unbilled Usage it says Total Data Transfer(In KB)= 855072 it's okey but it also shows total amount 750 RS i hav BSNL 250 plan then why it shows total amount. i mean usage is under 1GB.
  15. go4saket

    Photo sharing site???

    Hi Guys! Can someone please suggest some good and reputed photo sharing site with good/unlimited amount of space. I know about Flicker and Picasa, but both have limitations in their free account. Flicker allows only 100MB per month and Picasa allows a total of 1GB. My pictures are of about 4-5...
  16. ring_wraith

    Have you ever made any money online?

    This is only through adsense, clicking ads, filling surveys etc... Please mention how you made the moolah! If you are comfortable doing so, please post the amount you earned.
  17. A

    Radiohead's latest "In Rainbows" Album can be downloaded for free legally..

    go to thats the official site fro their new can pay anything you want or just put 0 as the amount and you can download their album immediately...mp3 160kbps... perfectly legal.. you can contribute if you like the band /album...
  18. topgear

    Static Electricity Explained with Hardware Handling Precautions - A brief Tutorial

    Static Electricity in Peripherals : Static electricity is created when there is friction and separation between certain types of materials. When two materials are separated, a transfer of electrons takes place from one to the other. The amount of static electricity generated depends on the type...
  19. the.kaushik

    BSNL bill help!

    I got my first bill details recently! Got huge bill and shocked! When i saw the details i saw that there was something called "Miscellaneous Facility Charges" and its 1500! What charge is that? Any body know about it? Also there was a "Less Adjustment Amount" of 500 what is that for!
  20. T


    hi do any one know how much tax one has to pay when oderind some hardware from foreign web sellers...i mean do custome charge some amount or is it free upto a limit
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