1. TechnoBOY

    Need a keylogger

    im looking for a free key logger which have a good amount of features
  2. A

    Dominos Pizza : How to get back the amount from a faulty transaction

    Hey All, I was ordering pizza at dominos through their online portal.I selected my order and used my debit card to pay the amount but after I got a message that the transaction was successful the page threw an error. I tried to refresh it several times but I couldn't get the page where it...
  3. ssdivisiongermany1933

    [Complaint] Infibeam not refunding

    I ordered a memory card on 20th june 2014 but there was pricing error and it was cancelled on 3rd july , I didn't get refund till yesterday so mailed them , this I got in reply Thank you for contacting us for refund of the Order Id 13******. We are always happy to assist you. With...
  4. S

    Plea for Help: ApnaPaisa Refuses to Pay After Using Service

    SutraHR is a company that provides an important service to startups in Asia (especially India). If we fulfill our end of the deal, it is the duty of the receiver of this service to pay up. It's a simple procedure of barter of goods and services that has worked for companies for eons. But...
  5. @

    Ordered an Item from They Have Sent Me a Duplicate

    The way people behave and treat customers pisses me off x_x On 30th of May I ordered a breadboard along with several other products from this site: Yesterday I received all the items and to my surprise the breadboard was a generic brand and wasn't of the company it...
  6. N

    Need advice on Configuration/All Round Performance PC

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans:No gaming needs, some amount of Video and Image editing. HD Video and good quality music playback. Maybe a few Statistical Packages like Matlab, Mathematica, SAS, R etc. 2. What is your...
  7. F

    Usage monitoring in TP LINK W8968

    We are using a shared BSNL Broadband connection. We want to monitor usage from every device(i.e. amount of data used) What can be done ? - - - Updated - - - ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? ??
  8. H

    Airtel Broadband usage limits?

    Hello everyone...I live in Bhopal,M.P. recently, i subscribed to airtel broadband. The plan i subscribed was a 6 month plan with 5GB @ 1Mbps, and 256 kbps post that. for Rs 3100/- ( total amount for 6 months) As I'm a heavy downloader, i consume ~50GB per month. Sometimes, i download even...
  9. cute.bandar

    Airetl: starting internet from the middle of the month

    Hey I have a quick question about airtel broadband. I took a broadband connection about a week ago and smartbytes showed: 11 days 15gb left. Today it shows 4 days 9.7 gb left. So my question is if I were to use these 9.7 gb in the last 4 days, will airtel charge me the full amount 999+taxes...
  10. Cool Buddy

    URGENT: Google deducted Rs. 100 without asking on my first app purchase

    I just purchased an app worth Rs. 129 from Google Play. I received 3 msgs from my credit card, one for Rs. 129 and 2 others for Rs. 50 each. The credit card shows unbilled transactions of Rs. 100 charged by google. This amount was charged totally without authorisation as the amount shown was...
  11. webgenius

    Health insurance queries

    I'm looking for a health insurance for me and wife. We both are still in our 20s. Both are employed. What insurance cover amount should we opt for? Which insurance provider is the best in terms of ease of claims settlement? I and my wife have not registered our marriage. So should we get two...
  12. M

    Beware of Online Hoaxes, Frauds, etc

    Many websites are not what they claim to be. Many websites claim to offer, what they don't mean to. IMO, we can remain safe iff we know whether a website is a legit one or Fraud. Share your Experiences and Help ourselves Play it safe ;) In the Mean time, I'll try my best to keep the first...
  13. abhi.eternal

    Feedback required: Video game rental ideas

    Hi guys. First a small prelude. Many of us love video games but cannot afford to buy the latest titles due to their high prices. So we have decided to invest from our profits from a separate business and bring a tear of joy to all you tight-pocketed gamers out there. We are planning to launch...
  14. R

    Error when buying Skype Credit

    Hey guyz need ur expertise. I live in UAE and want to subscribe 14$/Month Skype INDIA calling credit.But it shows an error displayed at the end below. This is my first time. I'm able to choose 4$/Month Package but I need 14$ Package. The Error in Quotes "Unfortunately, you cannot purchase...
  15. Chetan1991

    So WHAT is the cause of such gruesome rapes?

    All I see on news channels is people demanding punishment and stricter laws, even when we know prevention is better than cure. What's done is done. No amount of punishment can undo that and no amount of laws can control it. What we should be focussing on is what prompts rapist to commit such...
  16. Revolution

    What The Easiest Way To Recharge Mobile ?

    Hi, Sorry,I have came again with another nub question. My friend got HDFC Visa Debit Card. Now,this card is giver by his company to transfer salary. But,bad thing is he cam't withdraw whole amount from that AC and extra amount is not gonna stay to his AC if he can't use it. Now he want to use...
  17. ithehappy

    Is donating to Unicef legitimate?

    Recently this popup/ad keeps coming up on the screen and I am sure you guys have seen it already. I was wondering if it's legitimate or not? I mean will the amount go at appropriate place or just another crap and stealing method for different needs? You know what I mean...
  18. sam_738844

    Need Gaming PC withing 50K

    Dear all, Please suggest a PC configuration withing 50 which will allow me play recent titles like NFS MW2, AC3,Dishonored, Black Ops 2, Far Cry3 at high settings with decent FPS. I wont be using any graphic-heavy applications and also I will surely prefer windows 7 64bit as OS. I am not...
  19. Faun

    Any good wireless internet plans ?

    All I see are capped with pathetic FUP and the exorbitant amount charged is not favorable too. Any good wireless internet plans using USB dongle ?
  20. prds359

    Headphone 4 sony ericsson w705?

    Please suggest me a good headphone for w705 under 500 inr. Cant raise 1 penny above it. Want the best I can have for that amount. A well known brand is preferable (indian or unknown brand is NOT considerable). I need in-ear headphone.
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