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I'm looking for a health insurance for me and wife. We both are still in our 20s. Both are employed.

What insurance cover amount should we opt for?

Which insurance provider is the best in terms of ease of claims settlement?

I and my wife have not registered our marriage. So should we get two separate insurance? Or can I take insurance in my name now, and later add my spouse after marriage registration?

Suppose I take the policy for 10L. I might use up 5L in the first year. So for the next year will I be eligible to claim 10L, or the policy amount reduces?

The reason I'm going for an insurance is because I've realized how costly hospitalization is in India these days. my dad got hospitalized recently, and I had to use my corporate insurance cover of 250k full. Now there is no amount left in corporate insurance.
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If you are still in your 20's and fit, I dont think it's necessary to opt for cover for more than 3L per annum. The covered amount is to be used per year (2.5L say) by ALL persons in the coverage. This is per year, and next year you will again get 2.5L coverage. So in 2013 if you use 1.3L for yourself, the remaining is 1.2L for future claims for you and your wife for the remainder of this year policy period. So this is per year, and next year you will again get 2.5L coverage for yourself and your dependants.

Check also if pre and post hospitalization are covered, what diseases are excluded and if you need to do medical tests for yourself and dependants before you are covered by the policy. In that case, is the tests are at your own expense or the insurer's expense. There are a lot of things to check carefully, as medical insurance companies are a nuisance and will reject your claim at the slightest opportunity. Check also for the cashless procedure and eligibility. Another thing to check is if maternity expenses are covered, normally they dont include that. Also what critical illnesses are covered. One other thing to check are the ICCU bed charge limit per day and the expenses not covered (non medical, instruments, attendant charge, etc)

I have both personal mediclaim for me and wife and also a corporate policy where me, my wife and my parents are covered. Better to be safe than sorry in these cases. Maybe the premium could be high but it will be negligible when compared to hospitalization expenses.

I repeat, every medical insurance companies will try to fool you at the slightest opportunity so check every minute detail. Our healthcare system has lot of catching up to do when compared to developed countries in Europe and North America. The doctors are corrupt, the hospitals are corrupt, what more could we say. From my own personal experience, in couple of cases, the attending doctor asked for his fee to be paid by cash separately (black money) and then we have to get a money receipt from him (which he may not give) and get it reimbursed from the insurer, which takes a long time.

You could compare the features and policies in policybazaar.
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