Beware of Online Hoaxes, Frauds, etc


Cyborg Agent
Many websites are not what they claim to be.
Many websites claim to offer, what they don't mean to.

IMO, we can remain safe iff we know whether a website is a legit one or Fraud.

Share your Experiences and Help ourselves Play it safe ;)

In the Mean time, I'll try my best to keep the first post updated with "Blackisted" Websites.

Also Share any Fraud Website you know about.

Happy Surfing :)

what you'd be seeing many times while surfing may be like this :

some new websites lure customers by "Apple iPhone 5 at 600 INR" adverts
you are like : :hyper:

what you get after clicking the advert is that actually,

1. it is a lottery.. only a few selected ones will get it(often that will not be disclosed.. so you cant tell if anybody has ever got anything :x) and the remaining 'noobs' (read "all") will be gifted "rs 600 vouchers" that can be redeemed only at their #@%#&*#%@# online shops.. :x

2. you need to pay the amount first

and then the actual play begins..
they charge hardcore prices as their delivery charges and often the minimum free delivery limit (the minimum billing amount above which , the items will be delivered free of cost) is much more than the voucher discount..

i saw one of those adverts a few months ago..
didn't know this thing then and believe me.. there was nothing even around double the voucher amount, so you need to pay more money to redeem the amount already paid.

a very very #$%&@#%*#@&# trick to JAM your hard earned money..
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