Ordered an Item from Protocentral.com They Have Sent Me a Duplicate


The way people behave and treat customers pisses me off x_x

On 30th of May I ordered a breadboard along with several other products from this site: Protocentral.com. Yesterday I received all the items and to my surprise the breadboard was a generic brand and wasn't of the company it mentioned.

So called them evening around 5. The guy picks up says, 'yes sir, we are sorry. Sparkfun has stopped selling breadboards and we do not have in stock. So we sent you something different'. I said, 'why you didn't you notify me this earlier'. And he says, 'sir this is some simple breadboard it doesn't matter if its sparkfun or generic. Its only of 150Rs. So it doesn't matter. As its low amount, dont worry. This breadboard also works fine. The quality of breadboard is good, it has aluminium' And then I said, 'no I paid hoping to get sparkfun and I want it. Or else refund my amount'. And he says, 'oh, my boss will scold me sir. the breadboard is okay, please use it'. I say, no I want refund. he murmurs something and then he says, 'okay send us an email, my boss will see and decide what to do.'

So I send them an email in the evening. I am sharing the whole conversation here. At first they were not ready for refund, then they agree, but they don't want to pay for shipping. And then they agree for paying for it, buy say its a small amount why are you making big argument out of it.

I feel like a big idiot now. How does it matter whether its small amount or big amount? Shouldn't they honor it regardless?


As we spoke on phone, I am sending you this mail.

Order num: FBIYEZKXH

The bread board I received is NOT from Sparkfun which I expected to be. This is a generic breadboard.

Do let me know what can be done in this regard.

Thank you,

Dear Mr. XXX:

The breadboard that we have is the one from Sparkfun only. Please note that Sparkfun does make its own breadboards, they sell only generic breadboards.

You can check their site if you would like to, following is the link:


If you wish, you can even contact Sparkfun and check with them.

With Regards, ProtoCentral Sales

Its not from spark as I have used it in past.

It's a generic chinese made, something like this: 5pcs 400 Tie Point Interlocking solderless breadboard mini bread plate transparent crystal Breadboard-in Other Electronic Components from Electronic Components & Supplies on Aliexpress.com

and yes, even your employee to whom I spoke with phone, agreed that its not sparkfun. He clearly mentioned that Sparkfun has stopped sending that and you had to send something different. He also mentioned that it was a mistake that website is not updated and still mentions it as sparkfun.

Thank you,

Dear Mr. XXXX:

Please note that Sparkfun buys these boards from different suppliers each time, so there might be small changes in the look of the breadboard. Also, there are big differences in quality between what you mentioned and this breadboard that you have purchased. What our employee mentioned is that the breadboard is not made by Sparkfun.

If you do not wish to use this and buy directly from Sparkfun instead, please return this to us and we would refund the money to you.

With Regards, ProtoCentral Sales

Thank you. Please explain me how refund process works.

Dear XXX:

Please return the item to us at the address give in the below link:

Contact - ProtoCentral

Once we receive the unused item, we will issue a refund for the amount paid for the breadboard only (Rs. 159) to the same mode in which the payment was originally made.

With Regards, ProtoCentral Sales


Will I be covered shipping charges as well?

We will reimburse shipping charges only if the shipment is defective. Since this is not the case here, we would not be able to pay for the shipping.

You sent me a wrong product thats why I am asking for refund. I am even okay with replacement if you can send me genuine sparkfun breadboard.

However I don't see why I have to pay for shipping. It will cost me around 50. Then whats the point of getting a refund?

You did a mistake of sending wrong product, so you should rectify it.

Thank you,

This was not a wrong product. We have shipped exactly what it says on the product web page. You had made the choice before ordering. We cannot pay for shipping.

Yes, its a wrong product. Its I ordered expecting to be from sparkfun and its not.

and I now I see you have changed the changed the product model. Earlier you were very sure and saying its of sparkfun, but then why change now?

The current link: Breadboard - Self-Adhesive (White) at Protocentral India Old link: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:JNDUL9ZxTpgJ:www.protocentral.com/components/686-breadboard-self-adhesive-white.html &cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=in[/URL]

Isn't this plain cheating with customers? It would be easier for both of us if you accept your mistake and settle this matter.

Thank you,

We do not have time to argue over such a small amount. Please ship it back and we would pay the shipping too.

But in future I request that you check with the manufacturer before accusing anyone blindly. Why don't you order from Sparkfun and see what you get? We had to change the part number since we do not want to have arguments like this anymore. We are in this business because we are interested in furthering the cause of open source hardware and not to cheat customers as a lot of other sites do, we hope you understand that.

I request that you please not order from us anymore.

Its not about small or big amount. Amount here doesn't matter at all. And if you do not have time, then you shouldn't have screwed up at all! You should have sent me the correct part or should have updated your website earlier. It would have been okay if you had notified me about it when I placed the order, before shipping.

You are one of the sparkfun distributors and thats why I ordered from you. And if you are selling some different product then why you use sparkfun's name?

And the reason you are giving for changing the part number isn't valid at all. If you really have genuine product, then mention it one the page! We are having this argument at first place because you did not send me the correct product!


For low tier stuff, why bother with online shopping anyway ?
I know, its frustrating that they sent you a product that was not mentioned, but getting a refund for such an item wont be worth the hassle..


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The audacity of those people!!! Want to strangle them...
Maybe you could take them to consumer court???


For low tier stuff, why bother with online shopping anyway ?
I know, its frustrating that they sent you a product that was not mentioned, but getting a refund for such an item wont be worth the hassle..
I live in a small town, no brick and mortar shops. And yes I do know getting just refund isn't worth the hassle.

The audacity of those people!!! Want to strangle them...
Maybe you could take them to consumer court???
Yes, I am in talks with Akosha and CORE Centre - Helpline for Consumers, to sue them in consumer court. However I have to know is it actually worth my time and how much settlement amount I would get.

thanks for replying guys.
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