Usage monitoring in TP LINK W8968

We are using a shared BSNL Broadband connection. We want to monitor usage from every device(i.e. amount of data used)
What can be done ?

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w8968 is not a router but modem+router so no dd-wrt support.

install some bandwidth monitoring software like networx on each device.


There are mobiles too.. networx wont work...
Is there any way that I can install some software on Rasberry PI and connect it to router permanently that will monitor the usage.
Or is there any Firmware for this router that can support this type of facility ??


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if you just want total data coming & going through w8968 irrespective of no. of devices then networx using SNMP feature can do it but there is no way to individually track data usage of each device from a single point in your setup.
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