Plea for Help: ApnaPaisa Refuses to Pay After Using Service


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SutraHR is a company that provides an important service to startups in Asia (especially India). If we fulfill our end of the deal, it is the duty of the receiver of this service to pay up. It's a simple procedure of barter of goods and services that has worked for companies for eons.

But when companies (in our case, ApnaPaisa) decide they don't feel like (?) or just won't (?) pay you for a task that hard working people completed, proficiently, might I add, then it is unfair.

Note that we didn't spring or surprise ApnaPaisa with any charges; they signed an agreement beforehand that clearly stated the amount to be paid. (Scanned copy of agreement on request).

Here is a concise sequence of events that went down between us (SutraHR) and ApnaPaisa:

The sequence of events:
(1) Sutra Services Pvt Ltd & ApnaPaisa Marketing and Services Pvt. Ltd sign an agreement that clearly states ApnaPaisa will pay us a 16.66% commission for candidates that are hired at a salary of Rs 18 Lacs and above (per annum).
(2) SutraHR introduces a candidate to ApnaPaisa.
(3) ApnaPaisa hires that particular candidate for a salary of upwards of 20 lacs. (per annum)
(4) As per the agreement, ApnaPaisa is legally obliged to pay an amount that goes into lacs.
(5) ApnaPaisa refuses to pay the amount agreed in a legally binding document signed by them.

We tried writing to ApnaPaisa, we tried calling but to no avail. The management team has blatantly refused to pay the amount!

This has been gravely immoral on part of ApnaPaisa. SutraHR is a startup that depends on the commission paid by clients to pay the salaries of the employees at our company, to pay service tax and to take care of overheads. Not only does this affect the company, it adversely affects the morale of the dedicated and diligent work force that put in their hours of toil and sweat to deliver to the best of their abilities. This team consists of people that depend on their monthly salaries for personal and family obligations and more than anything else deserve to be paid.

We have been sourcing profiles, helping build great startup teams and dealing with the hottest/biggest startups across India for 6 years now. We have put in our time and hard work to deliver on what we promised. As a seasoned professional of the Indian startup eco-system, this matter isn't one to be taken lightly. We feel disrespected and cheated.

Companies or individuals that have faced a similar issue, please suggest how we deal with this situation. And if somebody can get through to ApnaPaisa on this issue, that would be even better. Please. It’s a matter of urgency.
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