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  1. sourav

    Help! ZoneAlarm

    whenever i start zone alarm i cannot connect through network to internet. I have installed zone alarm in the desktop. This connects directly to internet. My laptop connects to internet through this. i am not able to connect to net through this
  2. Voldy

    Armani Phone Packs Rape Alarm and Anti Theft Device

    Armani Phone Packs Rape Alarm and Anti Theft Device Since the Armani phone appeared last week, a new feature has come to light, proving that the Samsung handset is aimed squarely at the female market: A rape alarm. It works thusly: hit the volume button four times, and an emergency...
  3. go4saket

    Problem with Zone Alarm Internet Security???

    Hi Guys! I am using Zone Alarm Internet Security 7 with Win XP as OS. I wanted to know what is the function of SmatDefence Advisor and is it safe to turn it off. Another and most important problem is that I am using ZA basically as a Firewall and Anti-Virus, but it gives me warning for every...
  4. H

    IRiver Clix

    Hi i m getting an mp3 player frm US... does anyone posses this? Any other suggestions ? This one has inbuilt flash games, alarm clock , fm /voice recorder etc an costs around 90$
  5. CadCrazy

    Which antivirus can work with zone alarm pro/security suite

    Tried many but no antivirus is working with zone alarm pro or zone alarm security suite?????????? Is there any av that can work with it?
  6. tango_cash

    should i remove zone alarm security suite if i install kaspersky internet suite???

    hi all i have nod32 antivirus and zone alarm security suite. and i plan to install kapersky internet suite instead of nod32.so should i remove zone alarm too.
  7. gary4gar

    My system Tempratures in ubuntu, are they normal??

    there is ALARM in many of the indicators, is this info it correct?
  8. anandk

    ZoneAlarm for Vista released.

    Zone Alarm Free Firewall for Vista has also just been launched. http://download.zonealarm.com/bin/free/1025_update/zlsSetup_71_078_000_en.exe Zone Alarm Security Suite for Vista has also just been launched too. http://download.zonealarm.com/bin/free/1043_zl/zaSuiteSetup_71_078_000_en.exe
  9. M

    Win Xp sp2 too slow

    hello frens, im new to this forum....pls somebdy help me with my problem.... my pc is a P IV, 256 MB ram, winxpsp2, 845 intel... my pc runs too slow....is it bcoz of the zone alarm...if it is thn pls suggest me some good antivirus, antispyware software fr me coz i hv a 24 hr internet and...
  10. iMav

    ipod docking station (i-station 9)

    Got an i-pod docking station for my 30 gig pod ... i bought the logic 3 i-station9 .... cost 5100/- w/o bill .... its really amazing .... Features: 1. awesome sound (very good for 1 room .... thats what its meant for) 2. FM (with 6 presets) 3. remote control 4. large lcd display 5. time and...
  11. S

    Alarm Clock

    Is there any program which would act as an alarm clock, and start up the PC at a designated time, and thereafter give some kind of audio alarm to wake up someone? (considering that the PC is placed on a table by the bedside) Donno if this is a very stupid kinda question...:cry: Thanks n...
  12. S

    Zone Alarm Alarming!!!!

    i've norton internet security 06, after i've installed Zone alarm so, it makes my lappy hanged for 10 sec appx.. and when i wanted to uninstall it, suddenly a windows error occured and my lappy was restarted now what shoould I do to uninstall it, its Pro licensed version..
  13. morpheusv6

    Network Connections

    How do I automatically enable and disable network connection at a particular time using Task Sceduler? Is there a batch file to do that? I have windows XP Professional liscenced version SP2, Zone alarm Free firewall. Can I use Zone alarm to block and unblock internet activity at particular...
  14. sourishzzz1234

    Test ur Firewall

    Test ur fire;)wall for free at http://www.hackerwatch.org/probe/ IT's good. Best free firewall :cool:Zone Alarm Free Version:cool:
  15. J

    Firewall Help

    Hi guys, Hi i zone alarm security suite 6.5 installed on my P.C. I have few prob: 1. After instralling it takes long time to boot into ur computer even if u have removed it from ur start-up list. 2. I hered that comondo firewall is also very good i.e almost equal to zone-alarm, is it...
  16. Kiran.dks

    avast! and Zone Alarm firewall Compatibility issue

    Is there any compatibility issues with avast! and Zone Alarm firewall? I have avast! 4.7 Home edition installed. I installed Zone alarm firewall successfully. It needed a reboot. After reboot I see a warning from Zone alarm firewall that Zone alarm is not compatible with avast!.
  17. G

    Help Needed in Firewll config

    I have WinXP professional with SP2, I use Zone Alarm as the default firewall and recently after installing Norton Antivirus windows took Norton's Internet Worm Security as the default firewall. If I run ZOnealarm windows says that running more than 1 firewall might conflict. If i disable...
  18. A

    project sites for FIRE ALARM ??

    Hey guys do you know any sites for fire alarm... i have my submission in my college in two to three days. I don want much detailed but jus some intro, working principle and application in short only.... i tried searching google but was unable to find fire alram anywhere. So if you please could...
  19. Anand_RF

    LAN disconnection troubles

    I have a TATA internet which I connect to through LAN. Till 2 days ago, everything was fine. But ytd I tried to disable the network connection but it didn't get disabled. Instead, I got a pop-up message saying It is not possible to disable the connection at this time. This connection may be...
  20. nil_3

    Setting alarm after DataOne disconnection.

    All DataOne Broadband users are very much familiar with it: the line gets disconnected and it never returns unless you power off and on your modem. How an alarm can be set so that whenever it gets disconnected the alarm will ring up through the speaker.
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