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Hi guys,
Hi i zone alarm security suite 6.5 installed on my P.C.
I have few prob:

1. After instralling it takes long time to boot into ur computer even if u have removed it from ur start-up list.

2. I hered that comondo firewall is also very good i.e almost equal to zone-alarm, is it true?

3. If yes then after installing comondo will the boot process will take long time as in zone alarm.

4. Plz suggest a good antivirus & antispyware combination for zone alarm & comondo. i.e eg: Zone + norton + spyware doctor. or comondo + norton + spyware doctor.

5. Which would u suggest?

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Yeah comodo firewall is very good, and recently in a thread it was posted that comodo was on TOP in a firewall test! :)
Though I'm using ZA Firewall and not facing ne problem ;)

So as a combination, go for:

Comodo Firewall/Zone Alarm Firewall +
Windows Defender/Spybot S&D +
Ad-Aware SE +
avast! (FREE) /AVG (FREE) /NOD32 (PAID) /Kaspersky (PAID)


do u have ZoneAlarm Firewall Pro or whole security suite (firewall + Antivirus) ???

someone had posted similar problem with the ZA security suite long time ago here.

btw imo if you're ready to pay,
5.=>ZoneAlarm Firewall Pro + Kaspersky Internet Security 6. Combo.

& for free option, ZA free + Avast/AVG/Active Virus Shield(Kaspersky based)+ Spybot S&D/Windows Defender


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have u enables two avs, ie... za and another one, if so remove one

startup problems cannot be attributed to a single prog, defrag, n use bootvis,

also try disabling za services or uninstall za and see the speed diff to see whether za is the problem


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if u have disabled zass6.5 from the startups, then i dont think it could be reason for ur delay in booting, for it loads no services, etc in such a scenario. ya when u have zass as a starup, booting/shutdown does take a litl time. check for other posbl reasons...try MAKE WINXP STARTUP/SHUTDOWN FASTER !

yes, commodo fw is a also considered a good fw. do try it and check it out for urself. its best that way.

in security suites i suggest kis or zass.

in freeweare combos i suggest :
za or commodo fw
adaware & avg antispy
avast or avg av.


^^about the start up, i've ZoneAlarm Pro (FireWall+AntiSpyware) (full version), i disabled ZA from MSCONFIG, but still it loads as a background process (vsmon.exe), as a result of this there's no change in start-up time.
& to kill that process, i've to run ZA from start menu & then Exit thru it.

is there a fix for this.

i'm doing re-partitioning of my HDD, in my case it requires 3-4 restart in a day (for past two days & i'm facing some problems in doing that), so to speed-up start up process, i've disabled it temporarily. :)


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^ in zass > overview > preferences > general > uncheck 'load zass at startup'

i have being doing this since long for zass6.5, and vsmon never loads on startup. in fact my truevector/vsmon service is set as 'manual'.
i used to use that zass6.5 only when on the net. this SHUD also be able to help u.

incidentally, just yesterday i uninstalled my kis6 and installed zass7beta, inspite of several issues being discussed at their forum. surprisingly my instal/booting/updating of av/as was reeal smoooth ! i have the same here : unchecked 'load zass at startup'. i checked and found that my vsmon service startup was at 'manual'. *
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