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  1. crazybutt

    limewire+zone alarm truble

    hey doods.. i adviced a friend to install zone alarm firewall...he already had limewire on his system (which i'm guessin ran evrytime at startup) now when he starts his computer, all he gets on his desktop is his wallpaper and a message saying "Please allow LimeWire access to the internet and...
  2. imencoded128bit

    Norton antivirus v/s Zone alarm

    Please someone help, i am using the latest version of zone alarm security suit. I hope its gona protect my computer well. Wat is better norton antivirus 2006 or zone alarm. Dont go by the brand name people cause norton is really famous here in India. In many international forums, people...
  3. samrulez

    Which Firewall??

    Can any of u tell me which is the best Firewall.Is it Zone Alarm Pro/Segate/Kerio or some other???
  4. J


    I have Ngage Qd Brand mobile. after installing laud wave application on my ngage, my ngage give alarm in every 5 minutes help me. procedure of installing wav loud: 1. the installer have 27 wav files and have 2 txt files names tclock.txt 2. copy that all to on mobile using fxplorer...
  5. J

    alarm beep in 5 minutes interval, virus

    I am facing new problem on my ngageQd, once i search a forum which tells for loud wav on my cell and the procedure of this software copy some wav files on c:\nokia\sound\digital\newfolder and which names given by owner manufacture and 2 txt files naming tclock.txt and other, after copy and save...
  6. dissel

    Zone Alarm Firewall Configaration !!!! Help Plz

    hi.... I read about zone alarm in a mag....and install it to my PC. I have two computer with peer-to-peer networking via Ethernet Card/Lan card.Here the details :- 1st PC:- *Running windows XP Professional *Two Lan card in PCI Slot 2 & 3 *Both are DLINK 538-TX 10/100 Mbps Adoptar...
  7. sagardani

    Bit torrent download speed slow

    Im using Bit torrent (azureus to download a 4.50gb file (movie dvd) Using zone alarm security suit 6.0.667.000 port used of this application 6881. im getting speed 5-10 kb/s for downloading & same for uploading. gave NAT error while port testing. seeds 7(1), peers 16(2) windows xp...
  8. M

    How to Uninstall Zone Alarm?

    Accidently, I have installed Zone Alarm firewall. now it is neither working nor uninstalling. whenever I try to install it says, the following did not open. plz help.
  9. V

    Zone Alarm not shutin down !!!

    i installed zone alarm pro and when i shut down, then firewall doesnt seem to be shuttin down automatically windows tries to shut it by force wat do u think is the prob ??? any solutions ???
  10. T

    alarm software

    hey does anybody know about a software in which i could set a alarm and then wen the alarm time comes my playlist will start playing does anybody know where i will get it
  11. go4saket

    What is the difference between Windows Firewall & Zone Alarm

    Hello Friends! What is the difference between Windows XP Firewall and other famous firewall like Zone Alarm or Sygate. Is it that Windows Firewall is not that good. If so, which is the best one... Thank you.
  12. go4saket

    What is Smart Defence in Zone Alarm Pro 6???

    Hello Friends! I am using Zone Alarm Pro 6 with Windows XP SP2. The problem is that every time I try to open any software, Zone Alarm gives me some or the other kind of warning. I feel it is some thing related to the Smart Defence feature in it. Can anyone please tell me what is this...
  13. godsownman

    Zone Alarm

    Hello, I want all you guys to please advice me on something. I was searching on the net ( zone alarm mainly) and these were the products I saw on zone alarm (ZA) Please advice as to what combination is good 1. Keep AVG and just download the ZA firewall PROFESSIONAL not free...
  14. A

    Installation error in Zone Alarm 6

    I have downloaded the trial version of both ZONE ALARM Internet security Suite and Zone Alarm Pro(version 6) from the official site. But when I try to install i get am getting the error message:- For Z A Internet Security:- "C:\Docume~1\anil\LOCALS~1\Temp\vsutil.dll(WSEDbgPrint).The...
  15. gdatuk

    Firefox downloading trouble!!!

    hi i have just installed the firefox. i try to download torrents or any exe or zip files from any sites. but i get a message the page has been blocked. what is the setting to enable download in firefox? i have zone alarm pro and nav 2002 and os is win 2000. just for info
  16. C

    Zone Alarm!

    I am planning to purchase Zone Alarm antivirus and firewall, can someone who is using zone alarm product confirm me that is it good or not.
  17. chinmay

    Should I Open My UPS?

    Hi guys, I have a Microtek Maxpower Ups with AVR 135 V ~ 300 V (Model No. M3 600AZ V2.0) manufactured by Maxpower Infosystems. Now, I have an unlimited download limit broadband connection so I leave my computer switched on at nights for downloads. In my area(Sector 23, Gurgaon) there...
  18. anomit

    Enigma Firewall

    After my ZoneAlarm firewall busted up, I was searching for another good firewall to protect my system. Frankly, I had no hopes of getting any though. But I chanced upon this piece of software called Enigma Firewall. Boy, it does its job!!!! It is far more explicit than Zone Alarm and allows you...
  19. V


    hi guys, i have installed zone alarm security suite version: i am unable to update the zone alarm antivirus... it says "Error :failed to connect " i have gone thru zone alarm's forum and tried many things, but none seems to be working.... Can anyone help me in this...
  20. ax3

    Zone Alarm pro help ! ! !

    i have installed Zone Alarm pro 5.1 on my w2k machine ... i had setup a password ... bt now now i can`t remember it ... even tried uninstalling it ... bt without password, it won`t ... anywhere i could find my password ???
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