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  1. S

    Zone Alarm required after WIN XP SP2

    Hi! Guys, formerly, I used only WIN XP HOME and for a secuirty firewall, I used ZoneAlarm.. But, after I hve installed SP2 on my WIN XP HOME with its own firewall, do I need to keep Zone Alarm? I hve uninstalled it and am currently using the WINDOWS FIREWALL.. I update my comp. regularly.. Is...
  2. saROMan

    About Zonealarm

    Ok ...i have been experimenting with my firewalls First i tryed Sygate but it probabaly Deleted my connection...so had to format my machine .Then i used Armor to net nice lill firewall but lacked the punch ...so swithced to Kaspersky Antihacker ..but all it did is report some Helkern Attack...
  3. P

    anbody done it...................................

    h e y a n y b o d y h a s t r i e d t o d o t h e p r o j e c t g i v e n i E F Y 2005 o f infrared counter and laser through burglar alarm where can i get photo transistor 2n5777 or its substitute please reply me
  4. R

    Is some one trying to hack into my computer???

    i have a cable net connection...24*7....winxp.... i recently installed zone alarm firewall... since then i have been receiving a message that "Zone Alarm has blocked access to your comouter(netbios) from some ip address... i wanted to know if some 1 is tryin to hack into my comp or theres a...
  5. S

    zone alarm not installing!

    hey ppl ! plz help me out in installing zone alarm 5 it gives me an error saying 'could not load the dll file vsutil.dll' i tried installing another version but it dint work i get the same error in 98se and xp
  6. I

    Firewall needed?

    Hi! I Run WIndows XP Professional on an Intel D865 motherboard with 256 MB DDR SDRAM. I had Zone Alarm firewall installed on my system, but recently I installed service pack 2 for my OS and as Zone Alarm doesn't work with SP-2 I uninstalled it. What I want to know is wheather the firewall...
  7. R

    Zone alarm

    I have recently installed zone alarm from your DIGIT dvd.the problem is i am not able to open any sites.I get a page not found erre message. Please let me know the solution to this
  8. G

    Zone Alarm 5 with NAV2004

    I few months back, I was suing NAV2002, I installed Zone alarm 4 on my PC , & they were incompatible, because of which NAV 2002 was unable to start the email service, or wsomethung like that. I had to reinstall windows, though after some time I found that they were incompatible, Is there...
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