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What is your profession......


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I always had question what kind of people would be here in this forum, what the person behind that strange username is working for..

This is because my curiosity..... You do not need to post your name, company name which reveal your personal identity... Just post like

I am a doctor or be more specific and say I am a Dentist based in Mumbai...

I am starting with mine..

I am a commerce graduate working as sr. Executive with a outsourcing firm.... Based in Mumbai...... In Insurance sector

Very much passionate about computers since the age of 13.... :)

A little update, if you are student please say what are you studying.... As that will be your profession in future....
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I am Mr. Bedeviled. A being perplexed by the bewilderness of this dimension, called life.


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Working 4+ years as a software developer. In my spare time, I'm a freelance blogger and community moderator on couple of sites
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