1. I

    Nvidia GTX 1060 based 1080p gaming laptop - MSI vs. Azom (Clevo) vs. any other option?

    Hi all, first the questionnaire, and then my questions: 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 1,40,000 (approx) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook...
  2. patkim

    Compass on Mobile & GPS Navigation

    There are some high end phone in range of say 11 - 13K INR but the specs don't mention Magnetometer / Compass it it. So my query is if a mobile phone does not have Compass does it support GPS navigation apps & direction based apps. I am referring to the native GPS based on GPS satellites and...
  3. ashu888ashu888

    Need a HomeTheatre System under 50k

    Hello Guys, Recently purchased an LG 55" OLED tv (Model: LG Oled55b6t) a non-3d model. It has really good Harman Kardon built-in speakers and I also provided with a 300W Soundbar and SubWoofer (Both from LG brand itself which are wireless/bluetooth enabled unit). Though the Soundbar has better...
  4. A

    Optimum length of ethernet cable after fibre to ethernet media converter?

    Hello everyone, I am changing my ISP and they use fiber based line. I have used fiber based connection previously but this time I have to use about 40 feet of ethernet cable after media converter. So, I want to know whether this would affect any performance?
  5. S

    TpLink 8901N vs 8968N ?

    TpLink 8901N vs 8968N ? Which is better ? For BSNL 1Mbps UL plan. Nevermind WiFi, USB etc. I wont use USB. Need to know which will provide stable-constant connection without drops. I have ordered "8968N" from Flipkart for Rs 1800, But I was a lot of posts in other forums , were people...
  6. H

    any free editor to create impress.js based presentations

    any free editor to create impress.js based presentations
  7. Shah

    [Want to Buy] B75 or H61 based Motherboard [LGA 1155 socket]

    I am looking to buy an used B75 or H61 based motherboard for Intel Pentium G620 (2nd Gen, Sandy Bridge). Most preferably B75 based motherboards. If anyone has one, PM me.
  8. scavanger007

    Wireless router puchase help

    Hello guys, I have a MTNL broadband connection at home which is wired. I want to setup wireless network for my home and i dont know a thing routers/modems, their types and features. I can setup the connection based on the handbook that comes with routers but i dont know what to look for when...
  9. theserpent

    Which finance company would be better?

    So,3rd year will start in like 2-3 months,And placements in about 6.I know It's early to ask but which company is better? EY Or nothern trust both in Bangalore. Now,coming to the process it's very hard, and a few questions are based on principles based by ACCA, or journals. How do I go...
  10. Ronnie11

    Dongle required under 2000

    Hey guys. So a friend of mine has moved abroad and as a result looking for a dongle which he could plug at home and use internet with. He will need a dongle or any sim card based instrument which could give a good range in his house. Could you guys recommend something for about 2000 or so.
  11. N

    Best Android Phone Under 5000

    Hello all, A boy working in my office wants to buy an android set and his limit is Rs 5000( due to his low income) or less. Please suggest me a phone based on quality,price, performance and after sales service. Many thanks to all.
  12. D

    Need Nokia Feature(yes) .. any help ?

    Need a Nokia Feature phone Features needed: 1. Dual sim 2. Voice Recording and transfer over USB.. No.2 Is important. Open to any Nokia S40 based or Nokia S30 based phone. Nokia 208DS vs Nokia 206 vs Nokia 225: Compare Mobiles: None of the listing gives info about Voice...
  13. tkin

    One Plus One without official CyanogenMod OS: POLL

    Hey guys, Hope all of you are aware of this: The OnePlus One will ship without Cyanogenmod in India What it means? 1. The phone will come with CyanogenMod OS initially but no updates, they will be blocked by IMEI. If there is a bug then you have to go and flash a custom OS and get support from...
  14. Skyh3ck

    Best shoe brand in India for Formal and Casual !!!!

    Hi guys Since many of the online shopping sites are selling lots of cloths and shoe brand now, i am eager to know which is the best shoe brand we can trust for quality and VFM Please suggest based on your experience, which are the good shoe brands in india * BATA * Red Tape * Lee Cooper *...
  15. S

    MB-Processor + GPU for upgrade within 20k

    Old PC is not working On a shoestring budget which is the best option such that new config can do basic office work, and some gaming at medium resolutions on a 22 inch lcd Please provide options for an AMD based and Intel based MB-Processor and GPU combination separately within 15-20k. Parts...
  16. vijju6091

    Good article for PC building guide India

    While reading through I came across this article which blew me away Please read as it is totaly based on Indian gaming PC building and guided...
  17. S

    Help me decide best Printer for Personal use

    I am looking to buy a printer. I am interested in these 2 printer 1. Canon PIXMA E510 2. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3545 Although Wireless is not a requirement. I want to decide based on cartage cost, refill and Printer Quality. Please help me decide. My budge is around 4 to 5 thousand.
  18. samudragupta

    Samsung Galaxy S5 discussion thread

    With Sammy's S5 round the corner I think this is the right time to kick start any discussions based on "rumors" or facts trolling the internet. So what are you guys expecting from the new flagship model. I am a sammy basher and never liked any of the galaxy series. Having said that i am really...
  19. A

    windows vs android

    Mobiles based on which one of the two platforms are better to use? I am confused...
  20. Desmond

    Amazon Wants to Send You Stuff Before You’ve Even Decided to Buy It

    Source : Amazon Wants to Send You Stuff Before You’ve Even Decided to Buy It |
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