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  • ok..I read in Engadget review of Lumia 800 that texts are fuzzy and there is greenish tinge.How do you feel?
    Hello Sir,
    I am thinking of buying SGS II but I am also very interested in Lumia 800.What do you suggest?.I don't care about OS.I mainly use mobile for camera,music,ebook reading and browsing.Can Lumia 800 play 1080p videos?
    Thank you
    Hey bro I have ordered Macbook pro MD313HN/A and most probably it will be delivered tomorrow.
    Now I need your help.
    I need MS Office for it and all the basic softwares,now tell me from where should I get it.
    Can you give me some link?
    It will be really very nice of you.
    And generally from where do you download them?
    I totally respect your opinions sir. :) And I agree to it. Sometimes even I start thinking how much some people spend lavishly without seeing the actual purpose. I can understand the struggle you had been through as my father also lets me go through them so that I can learn the harder aspects of life too. And I didn't realised then, but now I do. :)
    Hi bro
    I am going to purchase Macbook pro in a couple of hours from ebay.
    The previous model which is having 2.3ghz processor and 320gb HDD is available for 59750 and newer one which has a better CPU and 500gb HDD is available for 61280.
    Which one should I go for.Please reply asap
    And one thing more you have to help me out which the softwares for it after I purchase it.
    I read that you are having both a macbook air as well as a macbook air.
    I m planning to buy a macbook but I m really confused which one should choose an air or a pro...
    Both are good and both has some pros and cons...
    Can u suggest me that for which one should I go for?
    can dm1 last for 3 year.thinking for buying for doing mca.will be doing gaming ,photoshop,movies,surfing,coding visual studio 2010 etc
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