1. Shade97

    horizontal line artifacts and low resolution screen on POST/BIOS Splash screen

    my problem basically was after PC is shut down(as in the main power switch turned off) for a long time(always the next morning,because it stays off for 7-8 hours while i sleep ) it used to,and still does some times the following shows how the problem has got progressively worse to its current...
  2. nac

    Processor & Motherboard related queries

    Processor & Motherboard related queries If you have general queries related to CPU or motherboard post here guys. Many a times felt the need of one and even looked if there is a thread for general queries under sub-section. Rather than starting a new thread for every small/general query...
  3. liquidsnake

    No display during post or os boot

    Hi, My laptop fell from bus seat to the bus floor and since then there is no display during post or os boot on the default laptop screen. The display works fine on the secondary monitor. I can hear the post sound (asus post sound) each time. After post the display comes fine and works normally...
  4. S

    [Want to Buy] A used Macbook Air

    Hello Guys I'm looking for a used Macbook Air to buy preferably the 13 inch model of 2015. If anyone is willing to sell kindly post on this thread. Thanks.
  5. Faun

    Text Analytics to discover meaning

    Starting this thread. How to analyze text and discover meaning. Python will be used with nltk. Will post theory and code here.
  6. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #4 - What game(s) are you playing?

    Gamers are an interesting breed. Some like to immerse themselves in just one gaming experience at a time, finish it completely and move on to something new. Others like to juggle through several different games through the day — on their phone, PC or console. In this challenge, we just need to...
  7. Faun

    Eye Care and Glasses Thread V1: Life in HD

    Thought of starting this thread. Post your glasses and the cool stuff to keep your eyes shiny! I will post my glasses here. tkin add your views. I am not able to see the posts where you explained in depth about glasses.
  8. max_snyper

    System post failure, guys need help.

    Hi guys, My PC is failing at post, when I try to switch on the PC, the fans of the PC move for half a second and then nothing happens. Dismantled all the components and running just the core components ,still no luck. Tried the paper clip test on the psu works fine, all the cabinet fans and...
  9. S

    Please suggest a laptop with good battery backup under 30000

    I want to buy a laptop which will cost under Rs.30000/- Main concern is battery backup , more than 5 hours is must. Fanless models will be better for my use. 14 inch laptops with good looks are preferred. I will upgrade RAM to 8GB , and add an SSD, DVD drive not required. It is to use as a...
  10. Zangetsu

    Post the non-sense/Idiotic/Mindless things

    Hi Guys, The Internet is huge and we come across many things which are useful to us or the public. But sometime we also encounter things which completely Senseless with no meaning or use. Or u can say Crap/Mindless etc :laughing_NF: So, post any if u find on the internet here. I...
  11. Flash

    PC not starting 1st time, but restarts 2nd time

    When i first switch on the PC for 1st time, it boots to POST screen and shuts off. When i switch it again, it starts normally and boots to Windows. What could be the problem? :confused_NF: Here's the config: Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2120T @ 2.70GHz Memory : 6105MB(1067) Mother...
  12. Pratik Pawar

    Gallery app Problem

    My lil sis bought Micromax Unite 3 Q372, 3 months ago, with Android 5.0.2 :mrgreen: since few days, the Gallery app is not working, not even starting, whenever we open it, an error message occurs, all the pics are there, coz the photos app opens, & they can be seen there, what could be the...
  13. Faun

    APC Battery Replacement 1.1kVA UPS

    My UPS batteries are gone. Using only surge protector now. Anyone has any experience with replacing APC UPS battery. UPS is out of warranty. APC Back-UPS 1100VA, AVR, 230V, ASEAN|APC I will be picking up Exide batteries. Will post here if I don't get any replies. There are the 2 batteries...
  14. Faun

    Post your rig !

    Here is mine. No case. Runs cooler. Oced i5 2500k to 4.5GHz. 74 C temp max on prime95 small FFTs.

    GiveAway: One plus two Invite.

    -------------------------------- INVITE GOT EXPIRED, ILL CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SEE IF I CAN GET A NEW INVITE. --------------------------------- hey, I have an invite for one plus two , i was planning to buy it, but my one plus one is stil working awesome hence decided to give the invite...
  16. P

    Looking for right decision!

    Hello, I am looking for a chat application to implement it to my website. I don't have idea which to use or which is best. I came across Envolve and Chatwing but still looking for more options before I decide which to take. Have in mind I want to be able to post youtube videos and charts into...
  17. P

    Best pair of headphones for around 1500/- ?

    /* This is my first post here, so please forgive me if there's any mistake I'm making! */ Greetings, Digit! As I've mentioned above, this is my first post here :) This is an appeal to the highly experienced audiophiles in the community. I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for mainly...
  18. Nerevarine

    The single best anime you have watched

    Thread title explains it, post your favourite anime of all time, (dont post 2nd/3rd favourites) For me Full metal alchemist brotherhood
  19. nac

    How is Micromax/Vu LED TV?

    I see Micromax/Vu are so popular in Flipkart and snapdeal but here I see Sony is more favourite followed by LG and Samsung. What's your view about Micromax/Vu LEDs and why Sony are preferred? I don't know if this is the right section of forum, but I don't know where else I should post this.
  20. vedula.k95

    Anti-BSNL Thread,War Against 240p and 250 ms.

    Hello forum, don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this thing,but i think its worth some views. just like the net neutrality few days back when the whole nation responded to the flaw,the same way we the netizens should fight against this,everyday we woke up and complain about our...
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