1. N

    (Que/Request?) PC Assembling Guide (for noobs/nerds alike)

    Is there a guide for assembling a PC? say for a noob or even a nerd? I'm sure there's always something that the other guy knows that we don't. The essentials of what, why, when and how to stuff. Pretty sure there might be people like me who would want to give it a try (blimey! I'm a pharmacist...
  2. A

    Question about Career as Software Engg

    He lo I am Ashish and I have passed 10+2 this year with 85% in PCM. I just wanted to ask that Software Engg. is good career option through B.Tech and can it link for the profession in Game Developers. Plz suggest me the colleges and more Information about the option also. :-) 8-)
  3. rider

    Reviewing Tech Gadgets

    Hello, I want to know what qualification needs to do reviewing tech gadgets like cnet, engadet, ndtv tech guru, etc. How much money can be earned by this profession?? #bump
  4. Skyh3ck

    What is your profession......

    I always had question what kind of people would be here in this forum, what the person behind that strange username is working for.. This is because my curiosity..... You do not need to post your name, company name which reveal your personal identity... Just post like I am a doctor or be...
  5. deadpulse

    Help to name my website..!

    Hi, I am looking for help to decide my website name. I hope you people can suggest some good names. Here below is the brief of what website is going to be. 1. My portfolio. 2. My Treks and Travel. 3. History. 4. My views and writings. (poems, articles etc.) 5. Technology.. (my...
  6. Faun

    Yay or nay ?

    Need your opinion on this particular song. Want it to be exhaustive. Like different age group, profession, gender etc. Just listen to "Your Hand In Mine - Explosions In The Sky". And tell your opinion about the song. Optionally one can jot down their age, profession and gender too...
  7. Batistabomb

    Suggest a ajob or profession for the person above you

    guys suggest a profession for the above guy by seeing his pic or name or some factors
  8. Simple_Graduate

    Ethics in the medical profession

    source: Businessworld. Persistent questionable practices will eventually catch up with every industry, profession or sector. For years, fast food firms and cola companies have been in the dock for producing and selling products that are harmful to health. Only after many lawsuits and...
  9. T

    technical writers

    n e technical writers here? wat is a job profile of a technical writer, wat is a usual day for a technical writer? wat is the qualification reqd for this profession? do quote ur experience in the profession
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