1. SaiyanGoku

    [Want to Buy] Yu Yureka with broken screen in working condition.

    Hi all, I want to buy a Micromax/Yu Yureka AO5501 in working condition with broken screen. Basically, I need it for the motherboard and camera modules. PM your offers. Thanks, Rajat
  2. D

    Vibration almost dead after phone fall

    My Galaxy s4 survived a fall while on bike. It is working flawlessly except the vibration has gone down. I tested with app, the motor is working but not like before.
  3. RON28

    [Want to Buy] Logitech g400 or g400s

    I need logitech g400 or g400s gaming optical mouse, should be in working condition.
  4. D

    Is this link working?

    Guys can someone check if this link is working . I tried multiple times but its not working for me. Link is here
  5. savithk

    why only youtube is working

    why only youtube is working properly (load full speed) other streaming video like dailymotion not loading properly . i uninstall flash player and reinstall but there is no change ...please guys help me my os windiws 7 x64
  6. P

    [Want to Buy] Dead or Not working batteries of laptops

    I need batteries of any laptop which are dead or not working for recycling. Bangalore location. Thanks.
  7. D

    PSU has crashed ? Corsair GS 600

    Hi, I have a corsair gs 600 which i bought some 3 years back, I recently upgraded by graphics card from 650ti boost to gtx 1060 6gb. When i switched the graphics card , i noticed that the inbuilt fan in the case wasn't working, and was planning to look it over the weekend. PC worked fine...
  8. rohitshakti2

    Songs downloaded using Jio not working on other mobiles

    Hi friends I have a Jio sim and I have downloaded many songs using their apk 'jio music' but when I copy those songs to other phones, they are not working, can anyone help how to remove it's protection from Jio apk. 2ndly is there any method to play mobile videos in n ok n wifi tv using...
  9. A

    Zenphone 2 laser 550 KL app to sd card transfer

    How can i do this to fill up my sd card installed in this phone.the phone is new now updated to marsmallow and working fine.but internal storage is low,i want the sd cad to take all storage.screenshot enclosed
  10. S

    Can Ping to network printer but nor able to do any print job

    MODs Sorry if this is not the correct section, please move it to the appropriate Section. My office has a network printer (HP Laserjet pro M226) all the Laptops except 2 Pcs(win10,win7) not able to do any print job but they're able to ping the printer. I've done some basic troubleshooting...
  11. B

    Bandwidth limiter Android app

    Hi Guys, First of all sorry if it is a wrong section to post this question, but I wasn't able to find a thread about Android apps. Is there any working Android app that can limit the speed/bandwidth to the connected devices? This app used to work but with the new update, it is not anymore-...
  12. B

    My Dual Monitor setup not working :(

    Since this morning, I tired of this setup. I have 2 AOC monitor without HD, one is LED and other is LCD. Graphic card is HD6300. Now while i am trying to connect my LCD monitor to my graphic card DVI-D port through DVI-D To VGA Adapter, it is not working, not showing anything, monitor keep...
  13. sujoyp

    Not able to Root Sony xperia ZL

    My xperia ZL 's back mic is not working after upgrading to android 5. Although I bought a new Sony C5, but I still want to repair it. Sony service center saying they want 12k to completely replace the model. Bad idea. I want to either downgrade the OS to 4.4 or try to add custom ROM with...
  14. A

    Laptop keyboard and touchpad are not working. What could be the issue?

    Last week one strange thing happened to me , my laptop's keyboard and touchpad stopped working. Earlier i thought it could be a battery/power issue.But after trying a couple of thing my computer is still not recovered in the right condition. I was getting several Bsods related to my gpu in...
  15. E

    Audio driuver being a pain in the backside !

    Alright, so I was playing FSX yesterday and out of nowhere my audio driver stopped working. I opened task manager and it showed my Audio Driver ( Microsoft High Definition Audio Driver) with a Yellow Exclamation mark. So I simply reinstalled the driver and restarted. Problem...
  16. pra_2006

    TP Link Nano Wifi TL-WN725N 'Can't connect to this network'

    hi i recently bought this nano wifi to connect internet from my wifi router and it was working fine but since yesterday its just not connecting to my wifi and says cannot connect but its connecting to other devices like my mobile when i open hotspot and i reinstalled the driver but the same...
  17. harshilsharma63

    Need New Headphones Under 2k

    Hi guys. I'm currently using Philips SSHP2000 over the over headphones and I love them. But has its toll on them are the cables have started to get disconnected so I have to bend them here and there to get it working. I now need a new pair of over the ear headphones. I have these requirements -...
  18. shreeux

    Need Urgent Suggestions Creative T3130 not Working?

    In my Creative T3130 Speaker playing only right side only..Left side speaker not working..After some research i was bought extension cable for 3.5mm jack. while inserting jack left speaker was working and inserting fully right was working and left was not working..Need suggestions..Also cut...
  19. M

    Earthing & Motherboard connection ?? ( Need your advice plz )

    Hello !! It is very serious problem which I have been facing from long time.Please give me advice because it is very serious issue for me(may be not for u). Guys !! Every a few days my motherboard stop working.I go to service center and they replace or repair it.after that its...
  20. H

    [Query] Want to buy Intel G31 G41 or Better 775 Motherboard

    Looking for Asus Gigabyte Msi Bio Star 775 motherboard . In working condition . Should have ddr2 slots .
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