1. H

    Thinking of starting a blog

    I have been thinking of writing a blog since years, but don't know how to start.Can anyone help me on this because i ain't know nothing about it.
  2. NewsBytes

    Google Docs gets translation feature; and Google Translate supports more languages

    Writing up a whole document in Hindi using either the Google Transliteration tool or a Devnagri font is a tedious task for those who are used to writing in English. I have had two instances where I had to do the same and by the end of it, I didn't want to look at a keyboard for a whole day.  ...
  3. R

    Sony DVD Wr problem

    I have got a sony DRU-510A DVD writer that crashes DVD while after writing it tries to finalize a session while writing multisession discs.Its about two yrs. old.I have tried nero and ashampoo burning software.Same problem.Is the writer has a problem?
  4. K

    Writing speed on which?

    Hi Guys, *I want write video DVDs and CDs for the purpose of using them both for my DVD player in my Computer and for my ordinary DVD player attached with my TV. Then, what is the best and suitable writing speed at the time of writing from the original DVD/CDs to empty DVD/CDs? *Any best...
  5. Pragadheesh

    software to learn type writing skills

    hi, which is the best software to enhance our type writing or fingering skills.?! actually its not for me.. my uncle needs such a software..
  6. D

    dvd writer stops burning at 98 or 99% and pc needs restart

    sometimes i got error during dvd writing and it appears excatly at 98% or 99%. and computer needs restart to get tray comesout. there is one more problem i.e. after writing 1 dvd my writer takes around 20 minutes to copy another dvd. and after restarting the pc it takes 7 minutes only. so...
  7. solomon_paulraj

    ACADEMY AWARDS...And the award goes to...

    Slumdog Millionaire wins the ACADEMY AWARDS including 7 other categories! SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE wins in 7 categories out of 10 nominations so far... 1. Film Editing - Chris Dickens 2. Sound Mixing - Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke and Resul Pookutty 3. Cinematography - Anthony Dod Mantle 4. Writing...
  8. prabhu.wali

    nfs kept undercover

    hi,my pc configuration is :intel core2duo E7200,INtelDG35EC,9600gt,4GB ram @800mhz running on black XP,m problem is that when i config antialising to 6x the video response is slow n also durind writing my dvd's i na't listen to songs n all the apps get slowed down
  9. S

    DVD writing speed is too slow

    hellow dear this is my big problem that my laptop get too much time in writing DVD or CD or at the time coping CD or DVD it take 1.3 hr to writing a DVD plz help me how can i slov it
  10. G

    Any one writing GATE-09 EXAM

    greets to all, iam writing my gate-09-ee next year......eager to know anyone of u are also writing gate09-- which paper are u wrting? howz future for mtech?any advise guys.:p thanks in advance
  11. RCuber

    File IO in J2ME

    Hey guys, How can one store and retrive values from a textfile using J2ME. textfile will have content something like this #--Configuration File-- Value1=Hello Value2=World I need to read the values in the following format. string V1; string V2...
  12. redhat

    Scope of a variable in C++

    I am new to programming in C++, although I have done Java Recently, while writing a C++ program, I used two loops as follows: for(int i=0, i<=n; i=i+1) { //statements } for(int i=0; i<=m; i=i+1) { /statements } // where n and m are predefined variables I am using the Turbo C V3...
  13. midhunmon

    Nero doesn't show all writing speeds

    Why Nero is not showing all writing speeds in the speed selection page. I have a liteon DH20A3P DVD writer and it is showing only selected speeds like 16x,8x,4x(for DVD) and 48x,16x,8x(for CD). if there is no disk in drive and look at the nero writing speed selection menu all speeds are there...
  14. P

    Nero Problems ? ? ?

    Hello Friends I think i am having too much problems these days in my computer. My name is Pragna,I am having some problem with my Nero Burning software Ver 7.5.9. If i am writing a CD,it writes beautifully wit the correct speed and in the due time.... But the problem arises when i am...
  15. Raaabo

    Digit Is Hiring!!

    Digit has openings for the folowing positions: 1. Test Center Reviewer 2. News & Features Writers 3. Content Coordinator (Multimedia) 4. Copy Editors 5. Freelance Writers To apply for any of the posts, send your resume to editor@thinkdigit.com, with the text, "Application for the...
  16. iMav

    Hand Writing Analysis is very revealing!!!

    Im in Pune for about a month living with my uncle & aunt, today i went to meet some guy (his identity is of no relevance to the post). My uncle and him were talking whilst I sat turning my head from left to right and at times to the back in hope to catch a glimpse of some thing/one beautiful and...
  17. redhat

    Want Java practise programs....

    Hi friends, I have my Std. 10 board exam for computers on this wednesday.... Well, I do ot believe in mugging up a given set of programs and writing it down on the paper... I want you people to help me out: an some one please provide me with some programs(Series, designs, etc) to practise??
  18. H

    Error in writing DVD's..

    I am getting a strange error while i am writing a DVD...it is like "Burn process failed" I am using Nero ver 6....and i have Lite-on - 20A1P(20x one) DVD writer.. I was having the moserbaer DVD's 16x ones..and i have set the writing speed as 4x ontime and 8x another time..... I have never...
  19. xbonez

    DVD Writing become very slow

    about 2 days ago,my dvd writer suddenly became very slow...earlier it wud write a 4gb dvd in about 20 min at 8x, now it takes 50min - 1hr. i've tried changing mode to DMA...it was already set to DMA so it didn't make any diff. Also, while writing a dvd, CPU usage keeps spiking 1. OS - Windows...
  20. U

    Problem writing DVD -R

    Hi I have a sony DVD writer which I bought 6 months back, And the problem is when ever I'm trying to write data in DvD's labeled DVD -R The drive is writing 1-3 % and after that it is showing a Error message cannot Write the Data, I've tried using various DVD brands but the result is...
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