1. R

    DVD writer not writing

    hi friends, i have a problem. when i write a dvd, it gets on till 5-6%(in Nero). then it suddenly says "Problem in Writing". it displays a message " internal error : RAM error reading MATISTHUTA UJ850(my ROM's company)". what should i infer from it. plz comment...
  2. S

    CD Writing Software with lock

    Hi guys i want to know that is there any cd writing software in which we write a cd,which cannot be copied or writeable but it should be able to install the software whatever it is in CD.In short Cd lockable software. if anyone knows please tell me the software. thanks in advance
  3. K

    Writing error

    Having Windows XP Home Edition(SP2) and Nero-7. When writing from a orginal CD, it says that "Unrecoverable read error at 12.11" and the same line comes one by one indicating the time. How to solve it?
  4. almighty


    hey mates My all fonts are changes to ITALIC all latters are visible in ITALIC :( don know how to change it to regular font plz help... even am writing in italic and all posts are visible in italic only i am using xp sp2 plz help
  5. max_demon

    ‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉attention : WRITE BACKWORDS!!!

    ‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉ it is very hard to wrte ‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉ just testing the sign. do all test it all here! :D :D :D copy and paste this sign and start writing backwords
  6. naveen_reloaded

    Few questions...

    first of all tell me a good brand of blank dvd ... which are really reliable.. second wht is the difference between varying writing speed ..wht are thier effects ?? ie say while writing a dvd i have two optins say 4x and 2x i know 4x finishes the work faster .. wht is 2x is for ?? third...
  7. A

    DVD writing NeroVision

    Dear friends, When I try to create a Video DVD, Nero says to use NeroVision for DVD authoring. what are the several softwares you use for dvd writing, ripping etc. Thanks
  8. go4saket

    Nero 6 or Nero 7?

    Hi Guys! I had been using Nero 6 for all my CD/DVD writing jobs and am quite satisfied with it. Just wanted to know is Nero 7 worth upgrading for a person who uses this software for basic CD/DVD writing. I am not much concerned about the other features available in these softwares. Thank you.
  9. R

    help.. topic : what Indians do @ the internet ?

    I am writing one topic about what indians do over the internet . somewhere (not sure but may be in digit ) I saw some sim ilar writing about this, but I lost that one . Can anyone help ?
  10. K

    Help :DVD Writing problem

    My DVD writer is taking too much time in writing a DVD.Earlier It used to take 8-9 minutes @ 8x but now it takes more than 1 hour. Screenshot : Another problem is when I try to format my PC I get the error that HDD is not installed on Your system. Thanks kg
  11. A

    Combo drive gone crazily slow

    For the last couple of days my Lite-On combo drive is performing too slowly. A 700 MB cd takes 12-15 minutes to write. I haven't installed any new software other than games. I use Nero 7 Premium. One more peculiar thing is that it takes lesser time when writing at 40x than 48x and 52x. The...
  12. R

    Is these possible?OMG

    I have sony DVD writer DUAL LAYER.My problem is My drive reads all type of disc.And when i try to burn a file when i use sony CD or DVD mean it writes and read the files after writing and works fine.But when i use another branded CD or DVD it writes the data but never READ's in my PC and my...
  13. [A]bu

    Writing a CD

    Can we write a CD-RW form DVD-RW????
  14. ashfame

    Help in writing reviews

    Hi to all, i havnt written any review on anything till now but now il be writing for ma blog. So pl tell me wt to write in reviews (Pts.) of websites, softwares, games etc. Pl help me in this!:D
  15. G

    dvd writing very slow

    my dvd writer is hp 840b. when i'm writing any files(4.5 gb approx) it takes more than 1 hour!!. during writing of movies, using nero 7, the estimated time at the beginning is only six minutes. when the writing reaches the stage where tracks are witten, the process slows down. my pc is compaq...
  16. gau_pppu

    taking lot of time to write dvd

    my sony dvd writer (DRU-810A) is taking about 1 hr to write a full dvd ie around 4.2 gb, i genarally write dvd at 12x, where as my drive is 16x. previously it took just 15to20 min max, the writing is absolutely ok, it can be easily read in any computer, but the fact is that it is taking lot of...
  17. gau_pppu

    multisession disc

    how to make multisseion disc using asampoo burning studio, I write a disc there is enough space left and when i am writing 2nd time it shows that previous data will be lost.
  18. S

    DVD writing problem

    hi friends.. i have problem of copying and writing dvdi have formatted pc n reinstalled all...but if i copy r write dvd/cd it is taking more time..and no audio n video files r playing properly(giving rubbish sounds in middle),(before formatted writing time is 15 min, now it nearly 1 hr)i don't...
  19. A

    Iso help

    I have an win xp iso file how can i install it without writing it on the cd ?
  20. A

    ISo help

    I have an win xp iso file how can i install it without writing it on the cd ?
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