1. tamatarpakoda

    Writers/Interns needed for Devworx

    Attencion Attencion! Do you like programming? More importantly, do you like writing about programming? Do you fancy making a quick buck while you're at it? Well, we're looking for folks who can write about IoT, Big Data, Analytics and anything that's hip and happening in the Open Source...
  2. T

    Hello Everybody

    Hi, I'm Jayeed a cyber security especialist. I came to know about this forum from Google search result. I'm new in this forum. I will try to my best for better contribution. Writing on cyber security problem is my favorite hobby.
  3. P

    WTB Advice : White board for daily writing purpose

    Hey guys! I want to buy a white-board for my daily writing purpose - i would be writing words,equations and personal notes regularly. It would be 1 or 2 x 1 or 2 ft and would be mounted on a wall. Can i use 2 plastic hooks like these? Should be waterproof and easy to use (erase,clean,rewrite)...
  4. C

    Prescription Writing Software

    I want to need a medical software for prescription writing in mobile version, which provides complete details of drugs, brands & diseases details. Please share your details.
  5. Chetan1991

    Please review my writing (South Park Summaries)

    Here's a link to some stuff I've been writing: My South Park Summaries and Reviews I can't get myself to write fiction because of my perfectionism so I tried to write summaries to first increase the quality of my general writing. Please take a look at the summaries and feel free to give any...
  6. ramakanta

    Writing a DVD/CD with Password Protected

    Is there any procedure to protected a CD/DVD when writing something inside it. i.e. whenever want to open CD/DVD , it need a password to open this CD/DVD that you have given when written on it . please help me . thank you. :oops:
  7. Shah

    A 3D Rubik's Cube in C++ and GLUT without MFC.

    Hi friends, I thought of writing a program which could solve Rubik's cube. So, I used Google to search for some 3D Rubik's Cube solver written in C++ to get an idea on how to code a 3D Rubik's Cube with movements. but, Unfortunately all that I found were using MFC not GLUT. I need your help...
  8. ithehappy

    DVD writing speed makes no difference! Why? Solution?

    I use Nero Burning ROM 10, it never gave me any problems but I see that if I change and up the speed to 16X for writing it makes no difference than 8X speed, both take ~ 8 mins. However when starting at 16X it does show 5 minutes but in reality it takes 8 mins. I generally write dvds at 8X but...
  9. amanjagga

    Increase your pocket money by writing articles

    Hi guys,Just checkout www.legpin.com Legpin is an online article writing site where users can post their articles,rate other articles and also get a good amount of cash for writing the articles.One user can also donate karma points to another which is then convertted into cash. for registering...
  10. R

    The Smartphone Blog

    Started a small blogging project. Writing about smartphones. Check it out Here is the link
  11. pritish_kul2

    Need Help Coding!

    Hey, i needed help writing a program. the program's concept is that it inputs a string and then replaces the following in the string and gives the output: q with a w with s e with d r with f t with g y with h u with j i with k o with l p with p a with z and so on.
  12. utkarsh007

    Break The Code Official Thread

    Break the Code (BTC) is ready. All those interested must head over there to start. I would request all players to first head on to rules before starting. Link to BTC is: utkarsh.byethost9.com Keep visiting forums for help if needed, also help improve BTC level by writing me a mail with...
  13. doomgiver

    how to lessen load on laptop

    is there any way to do a "partial" sleep of the os, so that only the disk is active. like, i want to download some ebooks, and its a big torrent file (2-3 gb) so, what i'd like is that i leave the laptop at night and not have it consume a lot of energy. in short : what i dont want : 1...
  14. N

    Career in online jobs for quality writing

    :-D Hi, I wanted to share a new website I found called listmyfive.co.in, they allow you to earn money by creating “Top Five Lists” online. So far I have enjoyed writing for them and I like the fact that they payout once a month. I highly recommend this site for anyone looking to make extra...
  15. A

    VERY URGENT.System infected with umdmgr.exe.PLEASE HELP!!!

    My XP(SP2)has been infected with umdmgr.exe.Windows 7 is fine. XP hangs within seconds after logging in and around 300 processes start in the background...I have to force restart the system then. I'm writing this post from Windows 7. Please suggest a solution immediately guys...plzzz
  16. P

    Do you want to Study Abroad?

    Do you plan to study abroad...??? If YES Visit www.locam.blogspot.com for help on selecting a university, visa help, writing your SOPs and much more...
  17. darnee

    Installing Multiple CD Drives

    Recently my DVD Rom drive stopped writing CD's. It's not a software problem as I have tried writing using Nero 7, CDBurner XP, Windows inbuilt and Ashampoo Burning Studio. Basically that's not the problem. It stopped writing Rewritable CD's long ago and now it has stopped writing altogether. I...
  18. desiibond

    Writing a blog on cloud computing for India. need your opinion/view

    Hi Fellow Digitians, Thanks a lot for the comments that were provided in my last request on Ubuntu. This time I am writing a blogpost on "Cloud Computing in India". Now, What I request you is to put a one liner or two liners. The question to you is "If you are asked to move to Cloud...
  19. M

    Need help in programme writing.. any one from mumbai

    Need help in program writing.. any one from mumbai hi need help in writing simple epos /pos program any one good at programming, based in mumbai..?? please PM mk
  20. L

    DVD suddenly writes slow

    The 8x DVD writer on my Dell laptop suddenly writes very slowly--a 4GB DVD takes about 1.5 hrs, running at speeds up to only 0.8x. Have tried two different softwares (Roxio and Nero) and two different discs (Sony and Moserbaer) and all have the same problem. Also, when the DVD write gets up to...
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