1. C

    use knoppix live cd.

    I have a Knoppix Live CD iso .Can anybody tell me how to boot from it without writing it onto a CD.
  2. N

    Company Information

    I want to know how the information is placed under the logo of Microsoft in the 'General' tab within 'System Properties'. I have placed a snapshot (14 kb) of it: *img341.imageshack.us/img341/8858/property3il.jpg I want to know the way of writing information as is written in the...
  3. hittheswitch

    DVD Writing problem !!

    I dont really know what is the reason of this. I'm using Nero Burning Rom 6 right now.Everything was fine but when yesterday i was trying to write data DVD it refused to do so. Actually most of you must have seen as soon as Nero starts writing a CD/DVD during the first few second the buffer is...
  4. g_goyal2000

    Java Program Writing/Compiling Software(s)

    I would like to know that which are the best softwares on which I can write my java programs. Let's take an example: Users of C/C++ use either Borland, Turbo or Visual C++ for writing, compiling & running C/C++ programs. Typically, many users use MS-DOS for writing, compiling & running...
  5. champ_rock

    Knoppix live cd

    hey guys this is in reference to the march 2005 dvd can anyone tell me how to play the knoppix live iso image from that???????????i tried everything except writing it to another cd(i dont have a cd writer)....i tried to boot it from copying it to a blank hard disk also.......
  6. aditya1987

    Few problems in my CD-Writer!!!!!!

    HI guys! I have few problems in my cd writers. Please help me solve these problems. Following are the problems:- 1. The drive takes 3-5 times to read the cd. I have tried cleaning the lens with lens cleaner cd,but all in vain. 2. When the cd writing process is going on (In Nero 6.6), the...
  7. mohit

    Sony Firmware update questions

    hey guyz plz help me update the firmware for my SONY DRU-720A DVD-RW drive ... i downloaded the firmware from *sony.storagesupport.com/dvdrw/downloads i checked the instructions for the update and i need help in the following, A. the instructions say "Before executing firmware...
  8. hafees

    Which is the best DVD writing software?

    Hi! i bought an LG DVD 16X Dual layer support DVD Writer. Model # GSA 4163B. someone pls tell me whether dual layer media available now? at what cost? whether nero 6 reloaded is the only s/w supporting dual layer writing?? which one do u prefer for normal DVD writing?? what about Ulead...
  9. varunbhide

    slow cd writer

    i have a sony CD-RW CRX320E which is capable of writing disks at 52x. i have a p4 2.06 ghz with win xp with sp2. recently, my writer has started writing only at 40x inspite of using max write speed. i use moser baer 52x cds to write onto. what can i do to increase write speeds? please help....
  10. Vyasram

    CD ejecting automatically

    I have a Samsund CD Writer.It ejects automatically no matter what Cd is inside this also happens whan it is writing CDs. Please Help me
  11. abhi_shake

    DVD Writing Software

    Does nero support dvd writing :?: :?: :arrow: If not tell a good software which is made for recording dvd's :wink:
  12. A

    Help secure my files in RedHat

    I am a student in an engineering college. All our work are stored on a central server in our created directories under a single parent directory. We all log-in simultaneously via different terminals with the SAME USER NAME. Now, is there a method (like writing a script, etc.) which I can...
  13. P

    report writing help

    pls suggest me some good topics 4 report writing related to computers or mechanical engineering i've to prepare atleast 15 pages,where can i get the material?? thnx
  14. R

    DVD Writer problem

    I purchased a DVD writer tru the digit offer. The Writer is a Samsung TS-H542A Drive. The problem is that the writing fails after 40%/60%, of writing. I tried writing at different speeds, different software, and different media. The end result is that the dvd's are getting scrapped...
  15. S

    Nero 6 & problem with writing photo cds with nero

    I am using nero 6.0.19 and I have problem when writing photo cds. I send mail to technical support and they suggested nero 6 reloaded version. will it be good to download it? Will it expire after some days? Tell me a software to make photocds with animations and special effects.
  16. A

    Help needed on writer and for samsung 52 X media

    Help needed on writer and for samsung 52 X media I am using HP writer it has maximum speed 4X for cdr and rw I am getting this error while writing to blank cds of samsung 52 X only :- D0100: I/O error (03/02/00) - CD recorder error - cannot seek to the requested location when i click...
  17. S

    want an urdu writing software,plz help

    :( hey i need it plz help a.s.a.p
  18. T

    Splitting hair over DVDs

    Good news that Digit has packed a DVD this August.Bad thing is that I don't have a DVD drive to use the thing.Seems the whole world is progressing and I'mstuck. Now to get to the point.My upgrade was scheduled in August and I'm thinking to get myself a DVD drive.Well it looks that it is too...
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