1. rst

    no sound in headphone while using window 8

    I am using window 8 (64 bits) Speakers are working fine but there is no sound in headphone In window 7 headphone is working fine. I don't know what happens to it in window 8 plz help
  2. iittopper

    dual booted window 7 32 bit and win 8 64 bit but cant access file

    I have installed 64 bit window 8 on an existing window 7 ultimate as i am having 4 gb ram . But if i use window 8 , i cant play games/software installed earlier on win 7 . Any help?
  3. chandan3

    Lost planet 2

    I hv instal lost planet on my laptop.when i clicked start option in the game,it shows window live id.and the game didnt start.ple help me guys
  4. sujeet2555

    Window live Messenger Error 8007007e

    My PC Config; Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9650 Memory: 4096 MB DDR2 Graphics :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Motherboard : ASUS M3A78-EM Rev. X.0x Disc :Seagate ST3500418AS 500 GB SATA II Windows : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit i have installed window essentials 2012 (wlsetup-all.exe). it...
  5. Jay1234

    Make a dvd of wondow 7 ??

    My friend gave me window 7 cd so that i can install window 7 i have installed it now he want it back but i dont want to bother him every time i install window so i wanna copy and and make a new which i can use in future ?? Plz tell me how can i do that in detail ? Or give me a link ? Thanxxxx
  6. C

    Please Recommend a AC

    Im thinking about buying a AC. Room Size :- 17 Ft X 12 Ft (Room has very large window) I don't know much about AC so tell me how many tonnes AC will be enough for above mentioned sized room? Which AC brand should i buy & also mention a model no. if its possible? What factor should i...
  7. D

    Battlefield 3 startup problem ?

    Hey guys i recently installed battlefield 3 on window 7 ultimate 64bit but my bf3 is not start up it's give me error like [The program can't start because D3Dcompiler_43.dll is missing from your computer] i reinstalled game but no success :(.when i play bf3 in my window 7 32 bit it work...
  8. S

    Dot net Links/books for window forms based applications

    Hi Everybody, I am a newbie in dot net technologies i need an good tutorial links or book name for window form based applications. Any help is very much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  9. CarlonSamuels

    Need a new Case

    I need a decent Case for less than 4k strictly. I need transparent side window Good Cable management ATX support Bump.
  10. B

    Need some gyan on 'actual' EER ratings and also suggestions for an AC

    Hello guys, I'm actually confused between the EER (BTU/hw) and COP (w/w) and wondering which one is used to give bee star rating. Can you please provide me some insight on the same? Many companies try to highlight the EER ratings, but still their BEE star rating is low. What should be the...
  11. J

    Enter GPV gamepad has no vibrations with window -7

    hello guys !! I bought Enter GPV gamepad recently,I used it with window -7 64 bit .it installed drivers which were required (i think so ).But still vibrations are not working in it.plz help me out how to enable vibrations for ENTER GPV GAMEPAD . or tell meany driver to download.Thanks in advance.:)
  12. Richie Rich

    3 Star 1.0 Ton Window AC

    Hello guys! I urgently required a 1 ton window AC with low power consumption It should be atleast 3 star rating. My budget is approximately 20,000 rupees. My prefeable choice are: 1) Voltas Platinum 3S - 1 Ton 3Star (Shopkeeper says it comes with Hitachi/Mistibushi compressor and condenser...
  13. V

    hard disk problem

    I dont what happen to both 80 gb and 40 hard disk, window xp was installed on 80 gb disk its partioned into 20*6 parts and windows xp was installed on the disk of 80 gb . now my system is not booting any more and if i try to install window xp again the disk are shown as unallocated disks...
  14. anandharaja

    Overheating pendrive

    hi i have 2GB Transcend pen drive until yesterday it works very well, but suddenly today i plugged in, my pen drive not detected, after several attempts of plugging and unplugging, pen drive detected with format window. i formatted pen drive but now its overheating unable to hold in hand. is...
  15. prttal

    Visual fx : Show window contents drag

    There is a windows visual effect which says show window contents while dragging is not working even though ticked. I have even set it to best appearance. Even if I recheck it, it comes back to the problem after restart. Also, in the registry item, the value is set to 1(for best apearance)...
  16. A

    Facing Problem while opening some folders

    I'm using windows XP. i'm facing problem while i try to open some folder all the window get close. Please Help me. Chetan
  17. Siddharth_1

    Help needed for win7 system recovery options...

    I recently upgraded to win8 dp. Due to issues related to it i wanted to recover my win7. But in order to do that i need to use cmd.exe from win7 installation dvd. After booting from the dvd when i choose repair option the system recovery window opens. In the window when i select windows...
  18. patkim

    Win Xp - Windows Explorer windo hangs

    Everytime I switch to Explorer window or close an open explorer window. It eventually hangs. Clicking taskbar button is ineffective and task manager shows something like Local Disk (drive) Microsoft Internet Explorer - Not responding. This has started recently. Have tried system restore but no...
  19. speedyguy

    [Help] Xperia Ray : Data Usage window keeps popping up

    Just bought a new Xperia Ray (Sony) mobile phone. After three days, the message stating "Usage made 0.00 MB, you have ....mb left " keeps popping up everytime, infact every 10-15 seconds, and keeps repeating some number of times. It will go away and again come back after half an hour/1hr and...
  20. M

    pls help me, my laptop got affected with virus

    Experts, pls help me, that after connecting my friends MMC, my lap showing something strange. that whenever i am connecting internet, it trying to log in to gtalk, and sometimes, my gmail profile name seems "JAMMIE", also while using mails, the window getting refreshed. hardly waiting to...
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