hard disk problem


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I dont what happen to both 80 gb and 40 hard disk, window xp was installed on
80 gb disk its partioned into 20*6 parts and windows xp was installed on the disk of 80 gb . now my system is not booting any more and if i try to install window xp again the disk are shown as unallocated disks (without pratitions).
i dont want to lose my data on both of the disk, i even tried to boot with ubuntu live disk to see if it shows partitions but even it doesnt show any partition plz help with problem.


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^boot with BartPE CD & take the backup

after backup format the harddisks & clean install windows XP

120GB = 20*6 partitions seems illogical instead make minimum 2 & maximum 4 partitions


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need more details.mention the partitions exactly as they are on 2 disks.also which disk is master & which is slave.i am hoping you didn't used dynamic partitions spanning across both disks.
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