1. pritish_kul2

    C: Drive

    When i open C: Drive from my computer, it open in a new window but i want it t open in the same window. plllzzzzzzz does nybody know the method
  2. H

    Problem with Mozilla Firefox

    I am using Mozilla Firefox ver2.0.04 . I'm facing a strange problem with it. It doesn't show any download window and its download progress when I manually open the download window in it ,it is blank and shows no windows. and another problem when ever i try to open a url from any software like...
  3. Z

    pls help me

    hi ppl i have airtel mo activated on my k750 when i use it as modem to browse the net i get window of connection to airtel link failed why is this so pls help me:-othanks
  4. iMav

    aero when window maximized

    i know this was posted somewhere but cant find it ... how do i enable aero when my window is maximized
  5. J

    multiple delete window on ctrl+del

    wheni i try to delete big files(movie)or multiple files by ctrl+delete,it is going ok.after deleting this file another window comes asking same qn to delete.whn i press yes it will say "file cannot be accessed"
  6. S

    Problem in Booting of window 2000

    Hello Everyone!!! Friends I m having a problem in my PC from last few days. During booting time, system founds boot records, then window screen arises. Then a Dialog box with message "Preparing Network Connection" comes on the screen and nothing happens after that. Guys i m havin P4...
  7. M

    To convert a .bat or a .vbs file into an executable .exe file without any software

    Just follow these steps => Step 1 Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and locate the file named IEXPRESS.EXE Step 2 Double Click to launch IEXPRESS.EXE or just type & enter iexpress.exe in start>run box. Step 3 You will be presented with the initial welcome screen and be given two choices...
  8. blackpearl

    KatMouse -A cool mouse wheel enhancement

    Found a useful application today called Katmouse. From the developer's website: Now you won't have to click on the window to highlight it first before using the scroll wheel. I find this very useful when there are two different scroll bars on the same page. Say for example, when you use the...
  9. R

    Window Blinds

    I want to give WindowBlinds a try on my XP Pro SP2. I am already using following programs: - 1. Vishal's VistaVG visual style. 2. RocketDock. 3. Yahoo Widgets 4. Visual Task Tips 5. StyleXP I want to ask will window blinds work fine without conflicting with these things? cos i have heard...
  10. dashang

    Need help for downloading

    Guys can you tell me how can i download files from by DAP. whenever i click download regular download window comes. please help me
  11. zodiac_511

    Alternative to System Mechanic

    Guys, I need a software which can do the following 1. Remove recent lists(like in the "Run" window and "Open File" windows) 2. Optimize the registry 3. Delete Junk files Thanks in advance, zodiac_511
  12. A

    Wed Designing prices

    Dear Friends, I would like to know the normal rate(price) that can be charged to the followings by a web designer. Static HTML page with contents and 2-3 images. Image Gallery(with 15 thumbs+when clicked, they open in a popup window) PHP+MySQL enabled page calling atleast 5 SQL queries. Main...
  13. U

    Please Help....problem with windows explorer...

    Hi.. When i double click a drive to open it instead of opening, "Open With" window is opening. Please help me out..I hv attached image.
  14. S

    internet not working

    i have compute with broadband intenet but internet is not working in win xpi hav echeck with my isp thei connection is working as i can surf he net in ubuntu i also have ping it is working its not a problem of web browser lan card driver is installed and propely working i have repair...
  15. krates

    Aero Effect And Flip 3d In xp

    Many Transformation Packages Have Been Formed Many Post Have Been Given How To Convert Xp To Vista But The Only Thing Lack In All Those Post Is The Flip 3d And Aero Effect If You Want To Use Them In Xp Just Download Those Tool From Here Tile All Windows - 3D Layout Tile All Windows...
  16. A

    ubuntu - coruppted ?

    in my ubuntu, 1. no window list is coming in panel, after adding to panel it does not show window list. but i can select windows for window selector. 2. window close X icon is not on the extreme right corner, it is 2" left from edge 3. i cant not take screen shot by print screen, it was...
  17. S

    prob in installing

    hey comp wizz, Yesterday I tried to upgrade Window Xp sp-2 to windows Xp sp-3, In the middle of the installation, the power went off. When power supply came on,only the logo of window xp sp-3 was flashed but nothing happened. I restarted the computer, this led to chaos and...
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