1. F

    Want to buy window ac

    Dear Friends, I want to buy window ac, which brand is good? what capacity ac should buy? area is room 120sq ft, I am living in Mumbai.
  2. G

    Confused between O General Window Ac 1.5 ton and Hitachi Summer Qc 1.5 ton,

    Hello guys, I want to buy window ac for my home and i want to buy 1.5 ton window ac. I Have selected two Brands 1. O general AXGT18AATH 1.5 ton 2 Star window ac 2. Hitachi RAV518HUD 1.5 Ton 5 Star window ac. Guys Please help me to choose the best window ac i am going to buy in a day or...
  3. IronCruz

    FIFA 15 worth downloading?

    Hi guys. It's a shocker that there is no FIFA thread in this forum. Neverthless, i just want to know if FIFA 15 is good or not, saw reviews on play store, many of them rated below 3. Many were having complaints on tranfer window. Can you tell me what exactly is lacking in the game. Cant we play...
  4. mitraark

    Small AC 9x10 room 1ton 5* or Inverter?

    Need to get an AC for a small room 9x10 and ceiling height of only 6.5 feet 1 ton should suffice I suppose, or can I go further below to 0.75 ? Also, not enough space is there on wall to fit the AC, have only about 1 meter length free space on the left side of the wall. The window occupies...
  5. terminal

    unable to boot from USB after installing windows 10

    i have windows 10 install in my pc and i want to boot a linux distro with the help of usb i did that before when window 7 was installed in my pc and it worked every time there is option of uefi usb in boot priority as well but now i can't there is only three option in boot priority window boot...
  6. A

    24 online client auto logout

    guys help me ... 24 Online client says " To start surfing, Minimize this login window and open a new browser window. Please do not close this Window without logging out" and when i login with my phone it logout after some time so i cant download movies with torrent in phones what to do...
  7. bssunilreddy

    Side Panel Window Cabinets under 3.5k

    Side Panel Window Cabinets under 3.5k Anybody? Suggestions Please!
  8. bssunilreddy

    Xigmatek Alfar Window Cabinet

    Hi, Has anybody bought Xigmatek Alfar Window cabinet? How is the cable management features in the cabinet? Is the cabinet good enough for a medium built? OK or not? For reference:
  9. bssunilreddy

    Cooler Master N200 Side Panel Window Modding

    Hi, I have a pic to show. Please suggest me which MOD is better... As for me the above MOD seems real awesome... Thanks & Regards, BSSunil What are the tools to use while modding such a cabby? Please suggest any build logs or links to follow...
  10. M

    screen freezes after bootup

    oflate,I am experiencing a strange problem. after bootup,my toshiba laptop(3 months old) screen just freezes. but on touching any key,everything moves to normal. I use window 7. I use touch freeze. I could not locate the reason,eventhough,it is not a major issue.
  11. ajayritik

    Need a decent mouse

    Off late my mouse is not working properly. whenever I do single click it ends up getting double clicked. Also when I try to open a link by right clicking and open in new window or tab it opens that page in same window. Also if I try to select one or two items from list of items using ctrl and...
  12. B

    Window AC 1.5 Ton below 58cm width?

    I am going to buy a window AC tomorrow and my window width measurement is only 58cm. All the 1.5 Ton AC's have a width of 66cm which is too wide for my window. Can anybody suggest me a model that can fit my dimensions.
  13. A

    software to speed up transferring file from pc to pendrive

    please suggest something. i use a window 8 pc
  14. gohan89

    Help me choose 5 star Window AC...

    I would like to buy a 1.5 ton window AC for my bedroom.I would like a 5 Star AC. I have come down to Hitachi's Summer QC and the LG L-CRESCENT PLUS. I am very impressed with the features of the Hitachi, but read on the net that Hitachi serice is very poor and they hassle customers.There is...
  15. C

    Suggestions about house Wiring & switches......

    1. Which electrical wire, switches brand is the best for house wiring? 2. How many Amps & gauge wire should i use for Light tube, Fans & heavy equipment ie. window AC & Induction CookTops? 3. Is MCB or something like that necessary in house if so which brand should i prefer? 4. Any other tips...
  16. M

    O General - Window AC compressor packed with thermocol!

    Hi Guys, I bought O General - Window AC (AXGT18AATH) yesterday and while the technician came for installation, he took out the unit from the cover and i found that bottom of the compressor was packet with black thermocol. So, I told the technician to remove that thermocol, but he advice me not...
  17. chandan3

    window 7 start up problem

  18. kartikoli

    Window AC + Stablizer in 40k range

    i need a window ac for my hot room which is around 200sqft and have direct sunlight on one side of a wall and sealing. Currently i was using voltas vertis 2Ton window ac and i never had any issue but now i have sold it as it started giving problem after 6yrs of use Now i believe any good ac...
  19. stellar

    Networking Error

    I switched to Bridge mode from Router Mode in my ADSL modem.Configured network connections in Windows 8. Put username and password too but when i try to connect from there my PC restarts and shows problem in PC window is collecting information. What can be the problem, i am now on router mode.
  20. R

    Problem in Windows 7

    Dear all, I use a laptop HP ProBook 4530s with Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1 installed) (Genuine Windows). Now the problem I am facing from past few days is that, while working, all of a sudden, the Caps lock is reversed. As in, if it is ON, everything I type is in small, if it is...
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