1. M

    chat window in opera mini 6.5/nokia x2 01

    I am experiencing a strange problem regarding chat window in my opera mini mobile browser in nokia x2 01. recently,chat window is not appearing while browsing some site like used to get the chat window for the site till few days back,the site owner had not made any changes too)...
  2. patrick4

    Guild Wars 2

    Has anybody registered for the GW2 beta key?? It seems there have been over a million registrations during the 48 hour window that it was open.. I got a confirmation mail for my registration.. hope i get a key *fingers crossed*
  3. A

    Problem Regarding TV Tuner Card

    dear sir, i bought a tv tuner of intex 2.0 which i installed in my laptop but the tv button is not active i m using window 7 operating system kindly suggest me wat to do:sad::sad:
  4. A

    autofill username/password popup from a php script

    HI we got a internal site which pops up a window to autofill username/password. That page is made in jsp. Now i got a php script to get the data from that site. Problem is i need to bypass the pop window or else it gives me auth errors. I already have username/password with me.
  5. M

    XP boot time

    Hello everyone... If you use the /sos switch in boot.ini,while the machine boot it shows a blue window which display the xp build number,number of proc.etc....How to remove or disable the display of this blue window to speed up the boot time????plzzz help:-)
  6. M

    Unable to play Dirt3 at fullscreen

    I recently purchased Dirt3 and it ran fine on my system. Recently I upgraded the game to version 1.2 and ever-since that the game is playing in window mode. I searched all the options to bring the game back to fullscreen but couldn't find any method. Can somebody help me?
  7. utkarsh007

    Window not maximizing...

    Hey i have a very strange problem. my window does not maximize fully as in the image below but sometimes it even goes all right. plz help
  8. J

    Right click problem

    Hi, I have Windows-7. I removed 3 viruses picked up by EMSISOFT. After that I am getting strange problem. When ever I RIGHT CLICK mouse, nothing is seen (except yellow empty window). But when I move cursor down along empty window, commands appear, but only temporarily. I fear I have...
  9. M

    is my HDD got bad sector or crashed ??

    i formatted my C drive by using Window XP cd (NTFS) then was trying to nstall d window...but @ d reboot time (when XP setup file loaded) PC got restart and follows normal procedure (it boot from CD)... then i switch to windows 7.... in 7 ...i cant even see d single partition ... :((...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] Everytime when pc starts need to press F1

    Need help here. Recently my motherboard crashed so i got Biostar N68S, the issue is that when i start. It ask to press F1 to load window XP. How do i fix this issue?
  11. sujeet2555

    explorer crashes frequently

    i have window 7 32bit .i have many different types of files in ,i keep arrange them as;sort by name & group by type and view as " list".therefore by horizontal scroll bar gets very long. i often get explorer non responding while scrolling horizontally.when explorer window freezes i...
  12. arko1983

    how to mod side window

    i have coolermaster atcs 840 case. how can i mod side window with plexi glass and 2 x 120 mm fan holes.i have seen some pics but i dont have any tools. btw were can i get the plexi (in glass shop etc) were to cut (carpenter etc) i live in kolkata btw.Any help will be appreciated.
  13. A

    regarding removel of BIOS Password

    i have a laptop of Compaq. it's BIOS version is F.32 and other configurations are 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk, processor is core i5 and OS is Window 7 Ultimate. want 2 knw how can i remove my BIOS password?????
  14. ithehappy

    Suggest me an Air Conditioner

    As the title says, suggest me the best one. My budget is 25-26K, could be increased a bit. This is needed for my room, which is 14x11 ft. I checked LG website and found 1T is enough for this room. I already considered Hitachi, Whirlpool AC's, but I need the best. and also should I go for Split...
  15. mati17

    Windows XP Re-Installation Problem

    Dear Forum, I have P4. Due to virus problem, I tried formatting the drive C: and re-installing the window. But there, I encountered another problem (may be RAM problem), my computer goes hang, sometimee during Formatting or sometimes during windows installing screen. I wanna know, is there...
  16. M

    waiting for

    while browsing certain websites,the pages are not fully loaded and the page hangs on with the above message at leftern bottom. how to get rid this? Os window 7
  17. B

    Mobile Manager Software

    Hello Friends , I am a Sony Ericson w810i mobile user . I request you to suggest me with some freeware Where all the details of my mobile including Contacts , Inbox etc would be easily managed on clicks on my Window XP PC I really find it difficult to save my...
  18. sky90

    Window 7 Security!!!

    i am using window 7 ultimate 64 bit. in security option of one of my drive partition i had deny all services to users. and now i cannot access that drive, i am administrator too. when i changes everything to normal then also some of the subfolders are still locked. what is this??
  19. Neuron

    Alternate way to close a window

    I just discovered this way of closing any open windows in xp.I don't know if this is just a bug. Alright,to close the window just double click on the small window icon that you see on the top left most part of the screen.[leftmost of the title bar].Sometimes you need to click faster more than...
  20. bajaj151

    Folder without name ???

    I don't know..what is going in my Songs Drive. As I open...I am getting folders without name. Then, I have to refresh (F5) the window to have everything normal again.
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