1. JohnephSi


    Will the network operators gve gud speed.....dy evn failed 2 gv in gprs or edge....Wht do u thnk guysss...
  2. nishantv2003

    What If..... Digit Forum CLOSED!!!!

    Well guys, everday as soon as my eyes open, the 1st thing i do is open this forum..... Just cant Live without it.... So, i was thinking..... What if 1 day u came to know tht this wonderful forum is going to close!!!!! So, wht is going to be ur reaction, wht will u do abt it??? Yaar...
  3. pirates1323

    Career: bca-mca good ?

    I have completed my 12th with commerce... I knw vb,oracle cuz I had Informatic practices in 11-12th... im interested in programming and security ..i knw little php as well... i wnted to knw wht best can be done in the field of IT to get the best renumeration in the industry.. as Im not a science...
  4. naveen_reloaded

    Sudden drop in traffic to my site

    Hi guys i am running a site say blog... prev week i had a average of 1.5k visitors (source : google analyticals ) .. and prev week i dodnt update my blog.. this week its hit a low of ju8st 200 ... for the past 4 days ... wht could be the reason..?? more over .. my main source of traffic...
  5. nishantv2003

    Best 2.1 Speakrs with WOW factor....

    Guys im using Altec Lansing ATP3 for allmost 3yrs and its working fine but now im looking for something with more power and better quality... iv done some search and i can think of, 1.Altec Lansing MX5021 (Rs.6500+TAX) 2.Altec Lansing FX4021 (Rs.4700+TAX) 3.Logitech Z-2300 (Rs.????) So...
  6. pritish_kul2

    Aqua lungs or snorkel

    Where and at wht price can i get a snorkel or aqua lung in delhi?
  7. 100.dx

    how will i know tht my plan is changed

    hey guys last month i give application to bsnl customer care to upgrade my plan 250 start upto 900 home.. they told me from 1st april it will change.. today is 1st april i hav my portal id and password.. in this when i click on my orders it shows 250 startup plan wht is this? is my plan is not...
  8. V

    20 gb hdd for sell(mumbai)

    i have a 20gb & 10gb hdd seagate for sell. wht price shld i get any takers .
  9. F

    My Pc need some suggestions

    Hello every1 (my first post here :D) okies here goes this is my current configuration Pentium (D) dual core 2.66 (533 fsb :( ) Intel 965 ryck mobo 1Gb x 2 Transcend Ddr2 ram (800 Mhz) 160 gb hdd sata 80 gb hdd Sony Dvd-RW xfx geforce 8800 gt alpha dog editon (512mb) Vip 400W Psu...
  10. pritish_kul2

    A Pen

    Where Can I Get A Pen Which Writes Wht I Speak.???
  11. pritish_kul2

    Selling and buying cricketers

    I cannot understand whtz going on??? can ne1 tell me wht is all going on??why are the international players being bought?
  12. Ron

    Crossroad: Wht After 10

    Guys, I want to make my future in IT/comp filed but i am in a dilemma, whether i should choose Science or Commerce coz all my frens r saying Science is a tough subject........How much true is this statement and hey is it necessary to study physics/chemistry after +2 also? Wht will be the...
  13. naveen_reloaded

    torrent woes...

    i am having a problem guys... i am able to download but canyy upload.. i have za installed and running vista ultimate.. help me guys.. wht should i do.. even azureues is pointing that NAT failure something...
  14. H


    Running a software training institue and requires an affiliation in west bengal state council of technical education.wht is the procedure?else wht are the best othr places to to be applied for the affiliation?
  15. R

    dell laptop? some config questions?

    i have an inspiron 1420. i just got it last week. after using it for a week i have some questions. 1. whenever i start or restart , the display brightness turns to minimum. why does it not remain permanent to wht i set? 2. Bluetooth icon keeps disappearing evry now and then. i then have to...
  16. naveen_reloaded

    Wht makes Product sell ? Quality / Price /ADS ??

    Wht do u think guys ... is it the quality which makes one buya product?? or is it the price ..?? or say ADS??
  17. naveen_reloaded

    Is looking Handsome A MUST for todays World?

    Title says all.. wht do u think guys?? Brain or Beauty???
  18. JohnephSi

    1 GB ddr ram price

    Wht is da price of 1 gb ddr ram ? N wht abt 2 gb if available?
  19. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    TaskManager Automatic Exits In 5 Seconds ??

    TaskManager Automatic Exits In 5 Seconds ?? Even folder option too ??? wht to do ?
  20. nach p

    Waves on Monitor & Reboot prob

    My friend getting waves on his monitor.Is it software problem or Hardware ? & Even after clicking on Turn Off PC gets restarted. Wht can be a prob. thnx
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