1. H

    IP Drama

    hey guy all my frnds keep on say tht there ip address changes everyday.... while some says itz the same everyday... wht is this ... and in wht kinda connectiion does IP changes everyday... and is it nice tht ur ip changes everyday???
  2. H

    Flash Advertising...editted..

    hey .. i know flash advertising is on itz peek.... i have seen many flash driven ads on net... but wht i am dieing to know is tht .. can flash ads be used in TV advertising ,... and if yes wht format... i very much like the apple ipod ad.. i think ads like tht one can be made in flash.. so plz...
  3. H

    Better then google...?

    hey guys is there any thing on net which is as nice as google adsense.. and safe too... plz reply.. sure u know wht google adsense is...
  4. pirates1323

    Windows Services Disabled........

    I refered to Digit May 2004 speed secrets........tips and tricks..............and I disabled many worthless services which was mentioned in the digit............ Now wht is happening.........when login using Sify broadband.........it does not save my user name and password............I am...
  5. K

    What is OS revolution movie about

    Can anybody post wht is the os revolution movie about. i havent seen it. Karthik
  6. S


    What is meant by net bios and wht is netbios-ssn
  7. A

    winxp problem

    i have dual operating system ofourse win98 and xp on cand d drive .. my win xp screen is soem wht vibrating can i have isit soem wht vibrating and wht shd i do prevent it doign so win98 is clear no probs
  8. S

    Monitoring internet connection

    My internet connection gets disconnected automatically.There are no spywares or worms or trojans or viruses on my comp .Is there any way to monitor internet connection at wht time it get disconnected and how to check at windows firewall tht how much traffic it blocked.
  9. V

    ABOUT RHCE...??

    Hi all... now i want to know for the RHCE can ne1 have the detailed infos about RHCE .pls post to me... and wht is the basic requirements to get RHCE...
  10. V

    Open corrupted WIN ZIP FILES

    I recently downlaoded themes wallpapers from themesxp.org and found that most of the files were corrupted . wht can i do to get the images from this zip files
  11. A

    Prob in installing SuSE 9.0 N FC 3

    hello, on my new comp im facing a strange prob tht as i start to install any of these SuSE 9.0 or FC 3....... after kernel loading it gets restart every time. i did tht a lot of times. THn i tried RedHat 9.0 tht get installed.... Can anybody make out whats N due to what this prob is. N wht...
  12. V

    Xp service 2 pack not working

    i get a message like the kernel file is not of windows ..... ? wht should i do to carry on with the installation !
  13. M

    wht does this error means????any idea

    i m getting this error quite alot.....now some appication also doesnt run becoz of this.......any idea...wht does it mean and how can it b corrected?????
  14. G

    Attention! Your computer has been attacked from the Internet

    Hi All ! My topic might have brought you in here. Well thts wht the message I got through my AntiVirus software. I use Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal edition. Just installed it yesterday and from the time I installed tht, got some 4 such errors and ll repelled back. Just wanted to know one...
  15. reddick

    Revert 2 General Discussion : GR8 NEWS there

    Hello.., Hey , here gr8 launching takes place in General Section.Guess wht : Discussions r going on d realease of O2 PDA phones... :wink: Wht r d models,their functions,outlets etc..?All d answers r here.Just go 2: www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11489 U gona know wht which...
  16. reddick


    Hi Folks, I wana ask related to Cellphones.COULD ANYBODY TELL ME THAT : :roll: Wht is d diff. between Wap 1.2.1 & Wap 2.0 :roll: Wht r TRUE TONES or MP3 TONES and which Nokia phones r compatiable with it :roll: Is any Nokia phone offers more than 1.3 MEGA PIXEL Camera expect 6630 Ur...
  17. techno_funky

    D.O.T (dynamin overclocking technology) whts it?????

    hi people well recently bought a MSI geforce FX card installed the driver in the properties menu i got this tab well i know abt the overclocking but wht abt those diffrent types of ?? private sergents etc what are these any answers please do answer thanks
  18. N

    qualifications for an game designer

    hi all i'd just like to know wht the qualifications are for an animator or game designer. i'm a 16 yr old boy with a passion for games. could u guide me on wht courses i should do and wht all i should study. thx for your valuable time :D
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