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how will i know tht my plan is changed

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hey guys last month i give application to bsnl customer care to upgrade my plan 250 start upto 900 home..
they told me from 1st april it will change..
today is 1st april
i hav my portal id and password..
in this when i click on my orders
it shows 250 startup plan
wht is this?
is my plan is not activated yet or wht i do?


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Yup, it is NOT activated still.. wen ever ur plan is activated (dont rely on BSNL ppl) until the new plan is showed up in account page on the bsnl site.

So, call up the BSNL ppl and do sum hard talking (u knw wat i mean).. and tell them its just so slow paced work from them and u need the connection for ur important purposes..

:Offtopic: my plan for MTNL triband from DSL399 to DSL 849 Night Unlimited was upgraded within 5 Hours of giving an application. :D

Cheers n e-peace...


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Login to Dataone.in and go to Dataone Account Administration.
(For this to work, u should browse only from Dataone Connection)
Use your credentials and then go to Service Records.
Check for yourself.


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Page 1 / 1 Total1Records
Service Name Order Time Status
Test :256Kbps(symmetrical) 2006/12/28 15:05:06 Normal

this is how my service records page looks....I am in which plan guys???
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