1. JohnephSi

    Torrent Torrent ????????????

    Guys plz let me no wht is torrent.
  2. pritish_kul2

    Online slam book

    Hey, Can i get a online slam book??and can i get examples of slam books filled coz i don't get wht shuld i write in the slam book...something funny
  3. M

    Urgent advice regarding mobile!!!!

    I had an o2 mini s mobile which got scrwed....... it wasnt under warranty bought frm a frnd who brought it frm uk.... Now i bought it for 19k..and now frm past 1 year it was in my dustbin(cupboard).....today gave it for repairs....the guys says some ic is scrwed and it will cost 3.5k...
  4. naveen_reloaded

    Things you like about our forum members

    Things you like most about our forum members Wht is the best thing u like in this thinkdigit forum members?? it can be anything... wht is ur expierence here with them.. wht i like in them: 1.) they treat any computer related problem as the least impossible thing in this planet ;)...
  5. pritish_kul2

    Good sites

    Hey guyz, plz post ur sites here.i am creating a site bt cannot think wht to write.
  6. D


    in the task manager i have 6-8 instances of svchost.exe running at nytime from varied locations..System/local service/network..is it normal?? wht abt MDM.exe??it sometimes hogs all of cpu usage!!! how do i remove or correct it ??
  7. naveen_reloaded

    Few questions...

    first of all tell me a good brand of blank dvd ... which are really reliable.. second wht is the difference between varying writing speed ..wht are thier effects ?? ie say while writing a dvd i have two optins say 4x and 2x i know 4x finishes the work faster .. wht is 2x is for ?? third...
  8. pritish_kul2

    URGNT:WHt to do of 120 mb??

    WHT shuld i do of 120 mb left
  9. Y

    folder in a folder virsu

    hi i am facing this problem i have norton 2003 with latest update but no use plz tell me wht is the removal tool name for that virus in norton
  10. satyamy

    Turok 2 Game Not working ......?

    Turok 2 Game not working on my frind PC its config is Intel 3.2HT with 865GSA Board it says error "Insert CD", Even when CD is in Wht can be the Prob......?
  11. satyamy

    See this Internet Speed 8MB per sec..........

    I downloaded & See What I found my Internet Speed 8MB per sec.......... :D Wht do u comment on this?
  12. naveen_reloaded

    Ur Suggestion for total Annonymous Surfing to all DIGITIANS

    Privacy concern is increasing day by day... We have also heard somew advertising firms are using oour ip address to target ads.. i have also seen some of the ads of #####friendfinder.com showing my places around my city.. how is it possible.. wht can we do to avoid them.. i have heard of...
  13. satyamy

    Meta Tag ?

    Why is this Tag used in HTML or wht is the Use of it or What is the Use of it ?
  14. D


    Hey guys i hve got vista ultimate and need to change iits looks ,wht do you suggest?
  15. devgujar

    XP installation Problem

    hi friends i m getting probm while installing windows XP problem is that when i boot up from my xp cd set up works up to the step SET UP IS COPYING FILES andwhen exactly 2% files copied the a blue screen with some wht hardware problem apears system details : 20GB hard disk ...
  16. J

    Dell 22" out of stock, other options???

    Hey guys.. I intended to go for the dell 22" its out of stock till end this month..wht r the other options available which is nearly upto dell..???
  17. JohnephSi

    socket or html

    Which is better 4 opera mini ? Wht is the difference betwn these two
  18. Akshay

    Installation Sequence of OS

    I m planning to format my laptop in a day or two. I wil b installing foll. OS on my 40 GB HDD - Now in wht sequence shud I install d OS? I want d boot order to b as above only(whthr GRUB or nething else) So wht sequence wud experts suggest? PS: Posted in Open Source as I think GRUB wil hav...
  19. JohnephSi

    Should I Go 4 Win Vista

    Many previous versions of softwares r incompatible in vista.? wht r the software or programs which r in compatible with it
  20. ashfame

    je vais chez

    wht does it mean? je vais chez
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