1. A

    Wht should be the cost of NEW RMAed Asus R9 270x 2GB DDR 5 GPU

    Wht should be the cost of NEW RMAed Asus R9 270x 2GB DDR 5 GPU .. 2 yrs warranty still remaining.
  2. A

    Samsung Mobile not booting

    hi experts, I have samsung SGH-780D but unfortunately it dropped in water and now it is not booting whenever I charge the battery it is only charging and sometime show the booting screen but again keep charging and nothing happening.Pls advise wht I can do so that my mobile will be...
  3. Ayush_ANI

    Asus M4A89GTD Pro Not M4AGTD ProU3???

    Hi Friends Is that Good motherboard Asus M4A89GTD Pro. And Wht Is that M.Price Plz Help Me
  4. D

    Stuck!! Please help!!!

    hi all, my PC crashed a few days back (which i also posted here, but got no suggestions) so after trying out a few things on my own i decided to format n reinstall. when i did that i ws able to format and copy installation files to the pc but when windows restarts for the actual installation i...
  5. R

    wht do with an old p3 machine?

    hi guys, i just removed an old machine from my storage. chked it, still working. the config is as follows: p3 800mhz intel 815 chipset sd ram 128mb 20gb hdd modem lan card etc. wht shud i do with this?? is it possible to exchange it for a new machine for some discount?
  6. Ron

    Wht after +2?

    hey frens Like other fellow i am also in the cross roads of chossing colleges. Just yesterday i had completed my cbse board exam.Now i am very much confused which college i should go for? I am PCM student and i want to pursue my further studies in Enginerring B.Tech in computers.i hv no idea...
  7. Arun the Gr8

    Should i buy this laptop?

    Hi guys.. Check this laptop out http://www.zenith-india.com/zenithhome-directorplusultra%28os%29.aspx Good Config and good price too.. Just 38800 Rs.. Wht do you say? Should i buy this?
  8. R

    laptop hard drive

    hi friends, i want to replace a hard disk for my laptop with 1 tb capacity. wht would be its mkt price and which brand would be the best. pls suggest.
  9. thilina

    GRUB Restoration

    All right guyz,here's the scenario.I try to edit smething in ma GRUB,Then when the pc restarts I see dz message ( Grub load failure Error X ) So wht cn I do to repair/restore my GRUB ? I asked dz qstion because dz hs hppnt to me ample times!!. :?:razz:
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Need Suggestion For Storing Files

    Hi guys i got bb of 512 kbps and each day i am downloading 3-4 GB... and needless to say i am running out of space... please post in your suggestion on wht i can do to tacke the storage problem . shall i go for DVD , externla storage ... or any other things ...
  11. naveen_reloaded

    HTTP Download Sites

    Hi guys... 3 days back i got my Boradband 1350 UL dataone.. i found that the speed reach 60-63 KBPS on DAP .. ( it took 13.3 MB file a mere 3.30 minutes... ) but on the other hand.. torrents speed is really bad.. i get around 50KBPS only... i have tried all the tricks.. OPEN DNS HALF...
  12. naveen_reloaded

    Reliance Joins Fair Usage Policy ( CARTEL ? )

    http://offers.connectindia.in/reliance/tariff.jsp i dont know how much is this reliable... \ but cant stop believeing either.... i think these corporate ass h0les are forming cartel.... fcuk these b@stards... they cant provide a good infrstructure ... but they are starting to limit...
  13. naveen_reloaded

    Question : Keyword / Rank / New blog

    Hi all i just want to know whether it is a good idea to port my 140 articles from blogspot to newly hosted wordpress blog ?? will it affect my rank of the new blog , wht about search terms or say keywords ?? i am mainly eyeing on making money... so i dont want to spoil.... it.. wht shall...
  14. R

    How do i re-paint my mobile phone?

    how? is there any store which will do it for me or do i hav 2 do it myself? and if so the with wht? so far i knw 2 options nailpolish & spray paint(but too expensive) can i use poster colour or acrylic colors
  15. pritish_kul2

    Spideran web of shadows

    There are 2 files- 'game' and 'game_shared' in spiderman we of shadows....could anyone tell me wht is written inside them
  16. D

    external hard disk problem

    1.) recently i upgraded my laptop hard disk. the one which came with laptop , i converted into an external disk. it was partitioned in 3 parts, can u tell me how to remove the partitions n make it as one volume? 2.) one more same type disk i hav, suddenly it has stopped working, if i connect...
  17. R

    is the samsung touchwiz(f480) worth buyin?????

    is the samsung touchwiz(f480) worth buyin????? wht r its competitors???? r they better???? y???
  18. naveen_reloaded

    WLAN Connect two laptops ?

    Guys i am in hostel and friends want to transfer songs , movies ... and also play games.. wht is the procedure to connect two or more laptops using wlan function and wht is the speed transfer can we get thru wlan ?? please detail on this ,,
  19. naveen_reloaded

    If Depression Hits India ??

    We all know that U.S economy is falling like cards and many banks and gov are trying to stop it or postpone it... We also know that this Economically strong India is mainly becoz of the IT dept.. and many of which are from U.S outsourcing.. More over we also depend on U.S for manyh reason...
  20. K

    operating system and compilation

    i want to know that ...what iz d role of OS in compilation..and wht abt d kernels...wht do they do in dis process..????...howz compilation happening in mobiles..??
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