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  1. socrates

    Bada 2.0 is hitting all current Wave smartphones in Q4

    We've got some great news for you, our dear Bada-loving friends. Samsung has just confirmed that it will be bringing the latest version of their proprietary OS, 2.0, to all the devices in its Bada lineup before this year has ended. Bada 2.0 is hitting all current Wave smartphones in Q4 -...
  2. A


    I want to buy a cellphone between 6000-7000k.I am a bit confused between nokia 5233 & samsung wave 525.I will mostly use the phone for watching videos & of course! internet.Will the wave 525 get a Bada 2.0 update?
  3. M

    wave 525

    i am planning to buy samsung wave 525......what r itzz goods and flows....is there any other suggestion at this budjet...
  4. guru_urug

    If You Have a Wave And Long For Android, Check This Out…

    I found this on xda, and think its really cool!! :) Porting of android to wave series means if u really regret having bada u cud give this a try. Though its still in alpha stage. Futher releases wud remove the bugs. God knows how these devs do it! :shock: So much time and effort and uber-cool...
  5. Kishal

    wave 533 theme problem

    Hey guys, my sis owns a sammy wave 533 (Gt-S5333). her problem is that on installing a few themes, the bottom 2 buttons are smaller than usual and have an irritating thick fluorescent pink border. Is there any solution to the problem??? If only there were some way to change the color of the...
  6. M

    Need help - Buying an Inverter

    Folks Gonna buy an inverter+battery setup. Should run preferably everything in the house (all fans, lights, TVs, ACs, computer, kitchen hardware etc) [Do suggest if it is not advisable to run certain gadgets on inverter]. Powercuts in our area generally are an hour long (at times two, three...
  7. G

    samsung wave 525

    i want to knw is anyone knw that bada 2 will availble for wave 525 or not coz bada 1.1 is totally a disaster Please let me knw
  8. P

    samsung wave 533 vs corby pro-whose software is better?

    hi guys, i have been looking for a budget touch and qwerty phone. but after reading lots of reviews i am confused about samsung wave 533 vs corby pro. please tell me out of the two whose software (bada 1.1 or samsung's proprietary is better. and also which is the good one out of the two...
  9. S

    Samsung Wave 2 @ 13700 @ Letsbuy....! (Cheapest of all)

    Samsung Wave 2 @ 13700 cheapest of all. Buy Samsung Wave II S8530 at Best Price in India – Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews Uploaded with ImageShack.us Samsung Wave II S8530 Offer Price: Rs 15,700 Delivery Time: 4-7 Working Days Warranty: 12 months Use promo...
  10. ithehappy

    My Thread Vanished !!! Why?

    May I know why my Thread of Samsung Wave is just vanished?
  11. R

    Reliable touchscreen phone for 5-6K

    My friend needs a touchscreen phone within 6k i recommened the star2 corby2 & wave 525 anything else he should look at??
  12. ironfreak

    Alternative for Wave 525

    Upgrading from Walkman phone... -Requirements- **WLAN **Good music (when headphones are used, Im obsessed with WAlkman's :) **Touch screen No 3G required. I have SLR, so I don't care about mobile phone cam. Andriod will be fun. Should have decent battery. Budget 7000-7500 Use-...
  13. A

    Samsung Wave 2 vs Motorola Defy

    I am really confused .. earlier my Budget was arnd 20 K But I did not found any worthy contenders and I mean it , not intersetde in even going even 1 Rs above 20k + I need to buy a Memory card 8 Gb . I had a look @ Samsung sl but the 4" screen is too big to be pocketed . Now I have...
  14. M

    Which inverter to go for?

    I am in need of having computer backup (apc powerchute shows around 200W usage) for at least 8-12 hours for my work + a fan + a fluoroscent tube. (planning to get a pure sine wave one) What inverter rating and battery rating should I go for the above setting? 800va + 1500 ah...
  15. TSPatange_1309

    Suggets Apps websites for Samsung GT S5753E Wave OS BADA A

    Hello Guyzz :-o:-o Recently i hired Samsung GT S5753E Wave and its OS is BADA (hope you heared about it :-o:-o).. I having some inbuilt softwares & Apps for it..but i wanna download some more... Basically for android there are lost of websites for its softwares and Apps on WWW.. but i m...
  16. TSPatange_1309

    Wann Apps & Softwares for Samsung GT S5753E Wave Bada OS..!!!!!

    Hello guyzz i just hired a new highly designed mobile Samsung GT S5753E Wave Cell Phone..OS is Bada (hope u heared about it..haha)..!!:-o:-o (Dun mind:sad:) I just having some inbuilt Apps for it..but i wanna download some more...! Actually for Android phones there are lots of websites...
  17. S

    Samsung Wave 2 or Ace or Defy???

    Hey people, i wanted to buy a nice phone around 20k and i have shortlisted Samsung Wave 2, Samsung Ace and Motorola Defy. I was going for Defy, but a mobile store told me that a customer had developed problems in touchscreen the same day. Dunno whether its reliable or not... Rather, the...
  18. S

    Need Help for A Mobile @ ~18K

    I need the best mobile that has pricing around 17 to 18 K... I have no idea which one exactly is the best but I really liked Samsung Wave 2, and have been avoiding N8 due to rumours of bad user iinterface about it.... BTW I have doubts about the OS of Wave 2.. Is that OS compatible for...
  19. royal

    BT headset for Wave II

    Friends, Please help me choose a Bluetooth headset for using with mobile (Wave II and K810 currently). I do not have much idea regarding this, so please let me have your suggestions :razz: No idea, anyone? :-(:-( Nobody using blue tooth headset ?? :shock::shock:
  20. Kishal

    wave 533

    I had bought a samsung wave 533 two months back. just yesterday, the touchscreen started taking false inputs so i tried rebooting. however, now the phone does not boot at all. the bada logo appears and then the screen goes blank for a while. then it again starts rebooting , in the same manner...
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