1. D

    UPS confusion, which one to buy??

    My pc SMPS is a VX 450, and it has an active PFC. I've read a lot of people on multiple sites say that using an active PFC SMPS with a non-pure sine wave UPS is a bad idea, and the UPS will not be able to handle the load unless it is rated quite high. I've been unable to find any pure sine...
  2. M

    Suggest a UPS for this build

    I'm going to build a gaming PC specs: i5 4460, gtx 970,8 GB DDR3,Corsair RM550 watt but i'm a little skeptical about the ups as i've heard PSU with active pfc don't work with modified sine wave ups,anybody here using modified sine wave ups(microtek,APC) with corsair PSU? I'm planning to buy...
  3. D

    Is it safe to run my computer without UPS?

    temporarily till I get a new UPS or get Sine wave inverter With belkin surge protector and VGuard VG50 stabilizer
  4. T

    PSU+UPS compatibility

    Hi friends, I am planning to buy a Seasonic S12ii 520w but I have come across multiple threads telling the need for a pure sine wave UPS to support it. This has me confused so should I buy a very costly pure sine wave UPS (not possible) or should I go for a less reliable PSU like corsair GS600...
  5. R

    Need to transfer messages from BADA 1.2 to Android

    My mum had the Samsung Wave S8500 running on BADA 1.2, and now she has bought the Sony Xperia P. She has some very important messages that need to be transferred before disposing Wave. Since she's on Bada 1.2, Kies is not offering the option to backup messages, so I can't even transfer through...
  6. cacklebolt

    Samsung Wave -still awesum???

    was browsing the other day and i came across a review of samsung wave 1.. the specs of the phone are respectable even by todays standards.. why doesnt it sell that well??
  7. G

    Upgrading from nokia 5233 . Which phone to get ?

    Budget? 5 to 6k current phone ? 5233 prefered brand ? Any type of phone ? Bar qwerty or touch ? Any operating system ? Any , android , bada , symbian . Phones i have seen are - samsung galaxy y , wave y , nokia 311 -upcoming galaxy y got better os but wave y got better res ...
  8. dalbir

    connectivity samsung wave 2 to net via computer

    how can we connect samsung wave 2 to the internet via PC?
  9. Empirial

    Wave 3 Vs Omnia W

    Hi, My friend is a Nokia C6-01 user looking for an upgrade within a budget of 16k. He is not crazy for Apps/Games but GTalk, Y Messenger & Youtube Downloader is a must for him. I did suggest him to look at Nokia Belle phones but he isn't keen on buying another Nokia neither he is interested...
  10. G

    Buying samsung phone.

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy SAMSUNG Mobile phone, but I am confused between SAMSUNG GALAXY Y and SAMSUNG WAVE 5380.Actually, I am comfortable with both the operating systems like Android and Bada, and I need good phone specs wise and performance wise, in these two phones the specs are...
  11. V

    Bada 2.0 Samsung s5253 wave 525

    hi all, this is new thread for Is Bada 2.0 available for Samsung s5253 wave 525 ? i have not come so far any information about it but i know some where in forums they mentioned 1.2versin for BADA OS is available for above said.. Any comments and Clarification and details about BADA...
  12. Kev.Ved

    Samsung Wave 525

    Anyone out there who is using this phone - Samsung Wave 525. I know it seems outdated in the era of Androids, IOS, Windows phones. How is the overall experience with this phone?
  13. H

    Samsung wave 3

    Hi, Guys my friend is thinking about buying the wave 3 could you tell what are the pros and cons of that phone also are there any other better options available in that pricepoint
  14. soumo27

    Mobile within 7.5k ....

    1. Budget? 7.5 k (almost strict) :D 2. Display type and size? 3" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Samsung/Nokia. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touchscreen 10. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, mails...
  15. Cool Buddy

    Want to buy Bada OS phone

    I was looking for a smartphone for my sister in the range of 7-8k. I have heard that Android is a bit difficult to use for the not so geeky type and in any case, my sister would not be needing so many features of android. Not taking Symbian into consideration, Bada OS is the only other choice in...
  16. D

    Mobile phone Under 6.2k

    I am looking for a Mobile Phone Under 6.2k as a substitute as i already own a Nokia 5800. i don't wan't 3g but a capacitive touchscreen phone. well the phone came in light was Samsung wave 525 but give me your recommendations. thanks in advance.
  17. P

    Bada 2.0 OS/ Samsung Wave 3 S8600

    No....seriously there is no thread for Bada 2.0 and no discussion thread for the new(?) Samsung Wave 3 S8600 :-x Well keeping that in mind I surely want your inputs on this new phone and the OS. I have zeroed many phones in the range of 10k - 18k and i found that Samsung Wave 3 S8600 could be...
  18. pritamk

    wave 2 heating up while charging

    hey guys my brother has samsung wave 2 (bought in Aug 2011) problem is it gets heated up while charging the phone so i tried charging the phone after switching it off and it didnt heat up So is there a problem with battery or phone or is it normal for wave 2? plz help
  19. pritamk

    wave 2

    my brother has a samsung wave 2 it has BADA OS can anybody tell me where i can download good games for it?
  20. socrates

    Samsung Trying to kill Wave owners by letting everyone upgrade to WAVE 2.0

    See. Samsung Trying to kill Wave owners by letting everyone upgrade to Wave 2.0 | iGyaan.in :shock:
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