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  1. H

    Google Wave invites!!!

    Does anyone received an invitation for Google Wave. If yes, please invite me also. Thanks in advance. EMAIL: shaan dot majid @ gmail.com
  2. V

    Google wave arrived with 'bang'!!

    Initial reviews of GOOGLE WAVE is now pouring out in internet site,mainly positive Google Wave takes on traditional e-mail systems and incorporates chat-like or instant messaging technology all in one. Instead of a typical "I send you a message, you receive it and you reply" type of exchange...
  3. M

    Google Wave Coming Soon!!!

    Google Wave Coming Soon!!! :arrow: http://wave.google.com/ * Read More Here: http://wave.google.com/help/wave/about.html * Receive Free Google Wave Updates: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/wavesignup/ Google FTW :)
  4. Cool G5

    Colour Wave for s60v3[Theme]

    I have always been thinking of creating themes for the wonderful symbian OS. I did create a few things before, but they weren’t up to the mark. This is my first theme after a long time. I hope you like it. The theme is Colour Wave is for s60 v3 Feature pack 1 devices but it has been confirmed...
  5. Vishal Gupta

    Microsoft Started Upgrading Windows Live Hotmail Accounts to Wave 3

    Microsoft has silently started upgrading existing Windows Live Hotmail accounts to new Wave 3. Some people have reported that when they logged into their Live Mail accounts, they were presented with a message asking them to upgrade to new Hotmail version. Remember that only a few accounts have...
  6. S

    Inverter , pure sine wave ?

    hello, i had a 500va square wave inverter which has broken down. wanted to go for a new inverter. my dad has asked someone to get a new one. he is charging 16k for battery + inverter.2.5 hrs backup under full load of 850VA. .its a quasi sine wave type. . is this OK ? how much does a pure...
  7. G

    LG Flatron L1718S Display Problem

    My LG Flatron monitor was working very fine. It happened this week, that it got "Wave" like things going around my monitor. Its really painful for the eye. My current resolution is "1280x1024". But when i changed my resolution to "1280x960". The "waves" disappears! I have an on board ATI X200...
  8. ~Phenom~

    New wave sound????

    Hi guys , I wanted to know this for a long time now that In the right click options , where we have options for new folder , new text document , etc. , there is a option for new wave sound . I couldnt figure out whats the use of this option??? I mean in new text document , we can write text...
  9. S

    nero wave editor

    hi can i record my voice in nero wave editor also what is the differecne between nero wave editor and sound forge
  10. karthik55859

    How to convert MP3 to MIDI???

    Is there a software which convers MP3 or Wave to MIDI formats for mobiles??????
  11. M

    mp3 wav compreser

    hi anyone tell me good mp3 wave compreeser for mobile
  12. abhasbajpai

    font used by bajaj for there vehicles ??????

    i just want to know that which font is used by bajaj auto ltd to write names of there vehicles right from caliber,pulser,discover,avanger and wave help needed ?????
  13. himtuna


    What are the essential software you need to install when you just got a new comp or formatted it. Here is the list of some softw I feel are must 1)Ms office 2)K lite Mega codec pack 3)Safe xp 4)Game xp 5)What's running 6)copernic desktop search 7)Hijack This 8)Disktective 9)Internet...
  14. bizzare_blue

    WAV n MP3

    When I convert my mp3's to wave using NOKIA PC Suite n upload it on my N6600....the volume is very low.. recently I downloaded some wave files from my frend's phone....they had a good n loud volume.....How can I get loud volumes for my wave files...Aldo my mp3's have very low volume n my...
  15. N

    Wave to MIDI converter (Freeware)

    Hai friends, New Year Greetings to all... Is there any freeware available to convert the Wave or MP3 songs into MIDI forms so that we can play on our mobile?
  16. F

    midi software

    Can Anyone suggest me any software so that i can convert wave files to midi. Please mail me at deepam.patel@gmail.com
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