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  1. A

    Active PFC PSU and Non-Pure Sine Wave UPS

    I am getting a new build soon, which will be powered by the Seasonic S12D-850W PSU. I currently have an APC Back-UPS BR 800VA UPS for backup and security, that is working fine with my current PSU (which doesn't have active PFC), and I am satisfied with. I had heard it said that a PSU with...
  2. C

    Need screen guard for touchscreen wave

    Hi guys, which screen guard/protector should i choose for samsung wave, to protect the touchscreen... Plz suggest thanks
  3. P

    mp3 to wave

    I am trying to create a small animation in flash. It needs some backdrop sound. The problem with it is the software only accept on sound files which are in wave format. Kindly suggest me any free software that is free to use without any legal issues. Help on this greatly appreciated.
  4. T

    SE Xperia x10 Mini Pro or Samsung Wave ????

    hi guys !!! I want to buy a good touch-based multimedia cell-phone under Rs. 18000 . Earlier I wanted to buy the Android based x10 mini pro as I was quite smitten by its cute dimensions and some of its features like timescape & physical qwerty keypad........ but after reading some very...
  5. D

    how to take great pictures with the WAVE

    i recently snapped a few pics with my wave indoors using default settings during the day...& i am really disappointed with the quality of the photos..all of them came out really grainy/noisy & there was a considerable loss of detail..there was very little sharpness or clarity in the photos...now...
  6. leo61611616

    Samsung Wave II (S8530)

    Samsung has unveiled a successor to the original Samsung Wave – Samsung Wave II (S8530). The new Wave II has got a larger screen – a 3.7-inch one (800×480) and comes with a Super clear LCD as compared to original Wave’s 3.3-inch (800×480) with Super AMOLED. Wave II has got a software upgrade...
  7. C

    Buying Samsung Wave On EMI

    Hi fellas, I want to buy Samsung Wave mobile on an EMI segment. I want to know which shops in Mumbai are offer EMI . Plus, give comments on how this mobile is... Is there any better option available than this ?? Regards
  8. Sathish

    Google stopped Wave development

    here is the news found in Google blog; We have always pursued innovative projects because we want to drive breakthroughs in computer science that dramatically improve our users’ lives. Last year at Google I/O, when we launched our developer preview of Google Wave, a web app for real time...
  9. S

    Dream Mobile Phone

    hey guys I was thinking that if we were enable to make Phone assemble like we do for our desktops, i would have been made A dream Phone like Screen : super amoled (from samsung wave) :3.5 inch Processor: 1ghz (from samsung wave) GPRS Class 33 (nokia N8) EDGE Class 33 (nokia N8) 3G...
  10. bobby23

    Bought a brand new Samsung Wave

    Hello everyone. I just bought a brand new Samsung Wave yesterday. It is an awesome phone, this is first time buying a touch screen phone I it’s just awesome. The screen is very good and the 5MP camera is rocking. But I have few issues actually they may not be issues, since I am new to touch...
  11. desiibond

    Samsung Wave reaches 1m global sales and GS at 300,000 (SK)

    Read the article here: Samsung Wave sales reach 1M, Galaxy S keeps the pace - GSMArena.com news This is amazing. I saw that the sales are strong but 1m in a month is really strong and this should get lot of Developers to build apps for Bada OS. Galaxy S too is showing strong sales in...
  12. D

    Quick Review - Samsung Wave

    Finally it seems to have dawned upon Samsung. They seem like they’ve had enough of selling Corby’s and Omnia’s to the unsuspecting masses. The Korean electronics giant is upping the ante with its own Bada powered Wave and Android powered Galaxy S. We got a fair bit of time with both the phones...
  13. A

    Nokia X6-16GB vs Samsung Wave vs Nokia C6 vs Nokia X6-8GB

    Hi guys, Finally my ancient mobile died on me. Hence looking for a new one. Till date, I have been using lower end mobiles with the only objective to make and receive calls. Now I want to upgrade myself to a smarter phone. My main requirements 1. Reliability (wont be changing my mobile for...
  14. Admirer Of Digit

    Open Solaris Live CD

    :lol: New to d OS... 8-) when I put the OS CD in my drive and restart my computer..... Booting Invokes .... after some time it stops at the message given below-- Login Id ..sort of something then I have to cut off the Power Supply to return back as it gets CRASHED Please HELP me out....:-)...
  15. L

    How to open an account to GOOGLE WAVE

    Anyone can you please tell me how to open an account to GOOGLE WAVE? Please can you send me an invitation. My email addrress is livebyfaith.anu@gmail.com... Thanks in advance:smile::smile:
  16. bhushan2k

    Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta leaked screenshots

    After a year when Microsoft made available the download for Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 9.0 (2009), Microsoft had already started the development of Wave 4 built. Even though Microsoft has shared information regarding to it very insufficiently, almost nothing, leaked screenshots have appeared...
  17. sxyadii

    Google Wave Invitation !!!

    I have 15 Google Wave Invitation left. If anyone wants,then reply to this post with your mail id!!! 10 Invitation left Invited RazorbladeXtreme earlyman21 girish.g pranavrahul danoova
  18. soumya

    Google Wave: Theory & Reality

  19. soumya

    Unable to figure out Google Wave, youngster kills himself

    Source :)
  20. soumya

    Post your Google WAVE id's here!

    Man, I am getting bored in google wave! So let's wave with each other. :) My id is sengupta.soumya P.S. Mods you can merge this thread with the invites thread, but I don't think it would be right ;)
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