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  1. T

    microsoft certification advice needed

    Hi everyone Dont want to tell a story here but still. I m planning a career in IT. I work in proprietary firm as computer engineer(thats wat they call me) from last one year and have acceptable knowledge in hardware and basic networking. I wanted to take my career further and planning to do...
  2. A

    GTX 480 discussion

    is gtx 480 a good card? What are usually the operating temperatures for all the games usually upto 1920X1080 with around 4x anti aliasing? is the zotac gtx 480 amp! with zalman cooler and 2 cooling fans good? wat is the price? also tell me some of the good 24 inch LED backlite monitors from...
  3. metalfan

    What to do Now??

    My sister is pursuing B.sc. Biochem. Hons. from Venky aka Venkateshwara college 2nd I wonder wat are the prospects After This course leaving Msc.
  4. baby girl

    information abt the networking exam

    hello to all i have taken training regarding hardware and networking (a+,mcse,ccna) it is necessary to give exam in order to get good job as i think my training was not up to the mark and the institute from i taken the training is now closed as it was a fraud institute so wat to do as i...
  5. K

    unwanted tabs popup

    am not sure i shud post it here or sumwhere else, but while browsing on firefox new tabs keep opening up with articles or forums from thenewspedia.com or sum other site... wat is it n wat shud i do? any answers?? ---------- Post added at 03:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:16 PM...
  6. speedyguy

    c graphics in linux (fedora 9)

    m trying to code a basic graphics program in c/cpp in fedora.....can anyone help me out wit it....m familiar to turbo c graphics but dunno wat to do for linux.....or even if its possible or not......if yes wat library do i use? Enjoy~!
  7. mac555

    monitor confusion

    i will buy a lcd tom...(crt gone kaput...) i am confused between the following monitors- Samsung T220 or T190(based on availablity) Samsung 21.5" P2250 LCD Samsung 2233SW my budget is upto 11k... so wat is the best of them and r there any other options available with me.....
  8. A

    need urgnt help..xp shutdown problem!!

    hii guys...am usng windows xp sp3 ..the problm is wenever i shutdown or restart ma window it goes freez wen the ''windows shuting down'' messag appear ...windows worked succsfully at safe mode...bt normal i cant shutdown properly ...wat i can do..!!!..am load all device drives... am using acer...
  9. digitalage


    hi guys i want to know What is EDP. I read this in one of news paper and not understood that wat is it.
  10. ajooba215

    wat is this `CRC' error..??

    now everytime i start installing a game...it shows this `CRC' error...wat xactly does it mean..? and is there way to overcome it ... m not able to install any game i borrow frm ma frnd...
  11. krishnandu.sarkar


    I want 2 host a webpage in my own computer. I came across XAMPP. So can ny1 help me by providing a brief tutorial about how to use it??? And wat is Joomla?? Wat it is used for???
  12. speedyguy

    K-MAT notification

    can some1 plz inform me if kmat 2009 forms are already out or not... or wat r the probable dates... july 1st week is wat i know. thank u, Enjoy~!
  13. krishnandu.sarkar

    Linux Getting Hang....Plz Help And Some Silly Ques.....Plz Ans

    Hey frndz I recently tried to install Red Hat Linux 9......But its asking for HDD driver from a specified list.......But I'm not so advanced user to understand thos drivers....... Dats y i tried Fedora......But it doesn't hav thos much softwares..... I tried Ubuntu......But its getting...
  14. george101

    BSNL sites not opening

    i hav a strange problem, no bsnl sites are opening. i tried data.bsnl.in/wps/portal and bbservice.bsnl.in opens up but aftr logging in it keeps on loading. even bsnl.co.in is not opening. no other site has this problem. wat to do? any1 else has the same prob? plz help
  15. speedyguy

    nokia 5700 xpressmusic cam problem

    hi I hv recently bought this 3g phone which is damn packed wit features but I found issue as d cam doesn't work out well in even slight dim conditions despite being a 2mp cam wit flash. D image is blurry n pixelated. Though ts good at day lite. N battery backup is also poor, lasts not more than...
  16. techking_dinesh

    Guide me , interested in IT

    Hello, I m 17 From Nashik > Maharashtra > India I scored 85% is 10th ssc xam appearing hsc next friday and expecting around 85% in it too Giving MHT-CET and cant guess how much i will score Giving AIEEE and BITS but no special preparation so dis does not matter to me I m interested in IT...
  17. abhisheksohal

    Zenith Director Plus Ultra Laptop

    I recently found out bout this new laptop from Zenith Computers...its got an awesome config. and a mind boggling price... Core 2 Duo T5800 2ghz processor 4GB DDR2 RAM 320 GB HDD Geforce 9600 M GS with 512 MB DEDICATED VRAM!! and the rest of the standard features.. The estimated price is around...
  18. harryneopotter

    need info about anti depressents !!

    Hey guys... i am in a serious trouble ...i am very depressed these days nd dont want to live any more .... . . . . . If u were looking a post something like the above mentioned line, then i am sorry to crush ur hopes :D:p:)). Actually my friend is in serious tension(he thinks...
  19. R

    Plz Help In SoundCard ......

    I'm Going To Buy A Creative Inspire T6100 5.1......And I Have Intel(r) 82801 AA AC'97 Audio Controller.........And Dont Know Bout The Soundcard On My PC.....Plz Help ........Shud I Buy 5.1 And will it work on my pc.....yes or no and if no then wat shud i do to use the 5.1 on my pc...........my...
  20. azzu

    Dual Sim Phone Dilema

    Want to Buy a Mobile Fone Which Supports Dual Sims (GSM) wat ever Brand it is (Xcept the Chineese Non-Branded) . BudGET : 6-7k 1)Two sims shud work simultaneously 2)Call Recording Feature Is Must 3)Micro SD card Support ( OPT) Help me Guys I have Heard Fly and Micromax Has sum good Dula...
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