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  • Respected Sir,,Plz tell me how i fix the post. I m Sushant(clerkman1612). I even don't know how did it happen. I only meant a question to ask.
    ya I too dl all the episodes...actually ma elder bro started dling this, then I got interested in the show...now its my no.1 fav. tv series. Last episode had an amazing suspense at the end...can't wait to start dling it 2moro
    I think u r a gr8 fan of "Chuck" just like me ;) do u download all the episodes or watch them on tv??
    Hey buddy... please add me on yahoo.. i need to ask some question related to FZ16 which i am going to buy soon :)
    bought the ep630from computer empire for Rs675.

    me dont like them much,my Zune's stock ones pwn this anyday.lol.Complete waste.
    kiski shaadi? :shock: kaun yeh ghatiyaa baatein bol raha hai?:mad: naam bata uska :mad: abhi 3-4 saal tak koi irada nahi hai :p
    no lol i dont live there.Mera wahan institute hai.PP tower building mein.:)And yeah woh sketches nahi hai bey models hai.:D
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