1. panacea_amc

    Mp3 player: help me to choose

    helo all, i just decided to buy an mp3 playr. so, can u plz help me out. my criterias are 1. shud b rechargable thru a charger as wel as a usb port:-o 2. bluetooth,if any? 3. a plain,simple display to read out wat söng it is playn,n not for watchng videos. 3. i dnt need a gud earfone as i...
  2. C

    PES 2008 PC controls

    i am playin PES 2008 on my PC. since the game uses x360 controls i dont know how to do wat. plz post the controls if u know them.
  3. rhitwick

    My experience with XP SP3

    Hi guys, I'm goin to share my experience with the installation of XP SP3. Till today(11th JUne) 9pm my PC was running smoothly..means very smoothly.........I was havin no problems for at least one month. I don't kno wat happened dat I decided to instasll XP SP3. I got it from some odr mag...
  4. panacea_amc

    Dataone home 500 combo querry

    hello all, The Bsnl website says that there is no phone rental charge in the home 500 combo plan. if its so,then the only home 500 plan will disappear soon.coz peopl wil definately choose da combo plan which provides free fone rental! wat r the pros n cons of the combo home 500 over home 500 as...
  5. panacea_amc

    dataone Home 500 querry

    aftr much searching, i decided to go 4 home 500 dataone.but i ve sum more questns- 1. i dnt ve a landline.i want to set up da landline only 4 net,nt 4 any cals.wat shud i do n wat extra cost does IT bear? 2. wat wud da cal charge be on the fone when the net is connectd?wats da phone rental...
  6. C

    What is a sticky thread?

    wat is a sticky thread?
  7. M

    c programmin

    hey guys i want to use vi editor for my programmin i was using putty to connect to linux based server and write programm now i want to use vi editor in my comp how can i use wat to download and how to use i use windows xp and i want gcc wat should i do
  8. C

    hey guys wat do u think abt virgin mobile????

    it shines r not???????????
  9. jerin3013

    Overclocking Failed! PLs Help!!!!

    Configuration : QUAD CORE Q6600 ASUS P5K-VM MOTHERBOARD 320 WDC HDD 2 GB ZION SINGLE RAM 500 WATTS SMPS Problem : My system suddenly Restarted And Displayed - Ovecloacking...
  10. S

    Imate Jama Died

    my imate jama is died widout any reason..its nt gtng on...plz help me wat to do
  11. phuchungbhutia

    Dvd copy : dvd9 to dvd5

    I need some help with copyin dvd . . I have dvd 9 ie 8 gb disc which i want to copy to two 4.5 gb discs ... How to do wat to use . . I have to make menu for the mother and also add subtitles ... How!?
  12. M

    monitor went off..

    guys just today...while working on my pc normally...my monitor went off automatically, while the cpu was still on... the light on the monitor kept on blinking..!! i checkd and rechkd all the connections and thn tried again...bt it didnt work.. thn i chngd the slot of my ram inside my cpu..(this...
  13. rollcage

    Do you use Office2007 or 2003 ? .. wat crap is 2007.. disgusting menu :(

    Do you use Office2007 or 2003 ? .. Office 2007 ... SUX :( .. Disgusting Do you use Office2007 or 2003 ? .. wat crap is 2007.. Is has the most disgusting menu I have ever used :-x I was just using the word .. and cant find change case ..!! wat the crap is this 2007. in 2003 it was so...
  14. Zangetsu

    Tag Remove!!!

    Hi :) I uninstalled a program called "MultiExtractor" but its name is not removed from the ryt click :( Wat shld I do 2 remove it frm there....:confused:
  15. Orionz

    Unrecognized usb device!!!! Any Solution!!! PLs

    Hi Guys, I have several usb devises like, Data Cable,,MMC Reader,,etc.. Whenever i try to connect some of them to my PC It Gives me A message out like "Unrecognized usb device" Wat the hell this. Is there any solutions for this Problem... Thanx In Advance.......
  16. J

    jackass the movie.... an inspiration

    hey I saw the movie "jackass". its been a while. I was wondering if any of u guys had something really stupid u wished u cld do. well wat I'd like to do is sh*t on my college principal's porch. I really hate that guy.
  17. M

    ntfs conversion?

    guys i want to convert my c: drive (boot drive) from ntfs to fat32... is thre any way...i dnt want to format it.. also...tell me wat are the pros and cons of both the formats.??
  18. hahahari

    Medal Of Honor

    Hi guys, I was wondering if Medal of onor series is worth playing? Before you say it, COD series rockx and I have played it already :) And I playes MOhA , It was nothing spectacular but I must say it was good. So wat abt the previous versions and wat abt their graphics, gameplay etc
  19. hahahari

    ..::Anti Virus for a Gamer::..

    I am a gamer and selecting an antivirus +antispyware for me presents a unique situation. I want something good +light +easy to disable while gaming. I mean completely disable. I am also running comodo firewall as of now. Wat are my choice. I dont mind paying paid or free stuff. Regards.
  20. fun2sh

    Connecting TATASKY to Laptops

    Q. Is it possible to connect the tatasky digicomp to laptops n watch tv on laptops which dont have a TV Tunner Card?? if not then wat kind of hardwares,cables,etc r required? :D
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