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  1. dinesh_mettur

    suggest me a mobile for 7k

    hi dudes pls suggest me a good mobile for 7 k i prefer Sony Ericsson .... i heard K510i is good ??? wat abt u r s??
  2. gg_3000

    AOE Games

    Guys, I would be greatly happy if any of u could just list me all the games by Ensemle Studios, so far released... Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Conquerors, rise of nations and so on.. How many versions have come so far? wat r the expansion packs available for each games?? I'm planning 2...
  3. N

    wat is e-sata cable

    wat is e-sata cables and how to use can any one give me a screen shot if available .there is slot on my mob (ASUS P5W DH DELUXE).
  4. JhonCena

    Munna Should be punished or not???

    Sanjay Dutt Should be punished or not??? he is one of my fav:mad: . he should not be punished :) wat do u think???:confused:
  5. optumsprime

    Who Has More Knowledge

  6. moshel

    Upgrading Mobo+Processor

    ok guys i went to a dealer today and asked for prices of latest mobos and processors here is the tentative quote i got Mobo - Asus P5N32 SLi Deluxe - 13750/- processor - Core 2 Duo E6400 - 9500/- graphics card - Nvidia 7600 GS - 7650/-(needed as this mobo doesnt have inbuilt graphics)...
  7. S

    NFS: Aluminium

    lets suggest a name for next NFS game after CARBON. I say NFS: Aluminium! wat abt u?
  8. gofeddy

    system mechanic 6

    hello i am having system mechanic 6. i heard it was a great utility. but it has slowed down my computer considerably. it takes a very long time for copying and pasting files. but my friend says he has no such problems. he has the same config as i have: p4 3 ghz 1 gb ram 160gb hd wat could...
  9. iMav

    annoying popups on login

    guys i hv sify bb conx whenever i log in there are 2 separate windows opened by it for promotional purposes plz tell wat registry entry to edit to disable it
  10. Angad singh

    need new phne

    hey guys i need a new phne.... I already posted and got sum replies that i shud go for k790i.... i surfed net and read the users replies it wasant gud they say phne is bugy..... so any other choice wat abt 02xdaII stealth and N73.. range shud be around 21k approx
  11. EagerBeaver

    Web 2.0 ??????????

    Wat is this WEB 2.0. Ples try to xplain me. WEB 1.0 ? And i red somewhere WEB 3.0 is on the way ????????????????????????????
  12. tinku dhar

    WMP 11 (havin prob with ALCHEMY - RANDOM)

    wellll wellll ... , wat the hell is MATTER with this FINAL edition or my PC is havin PROB !!!!!!!!!!!!! when i try to SWITCH to ALCHEMY - RANDOM (visualization) it JUST try to change the color of whole screen but no visualiation comes ..... wat to doooooo :( but other BAR...
  13. gauravakaasid

    HDD formattin prob......

    i hv a 160gig hdd, wich got a partition of 40gb only 4 movies. but 4 past few days its bcom a bit unresponsive. wen i tried 2 format it, i got tthis error: Windows was unable to complete the format also, wen i tried d same frm the command prompt, i got this error: Cannot open volume...
  14. Pathik

    xp query

    suppose that i hv win xp pro installed on my pc.. Is there ne damn way to create a bootable cd directly 4 the core os without ne images or softwares?? Also wat exactly is the startdsk command 4??
  15. N

    headphone or earphone

    i bought a new mp3 player .The earhones are not good i want to buy new one. Wat do u guys suggest headphone or earphone. i have have 500-600rs to burn
  16. Official Techie

    norton worm protection

    is detecting morpheus and asks several times if i want to permit it one time in every 5 secs wat do i do to stop it
  17. sysfilez

    My System Freezes :-(

    after i added a new hard drive Sata II 160Gb from seagate, my system freezes sometimes, previously i never had any probs. this happens when i am extracting huge rar files (5 gb size), it happned wen i tried to install a s/w somewat size 4gb once again. it also hanged twice when i ran disk...
  18. Josan

    Indian Fighters Club-josan

    Hey R U Ready To Use Yours Computer Skill For Your Mother Land "the Great India" If U R Than Just Post Your Skill Discripition What Ever It May B {hacking , Cracking Wat Ever } To This Forum And One Coppy To My Mail If Possible .
  19. K

    Trouble in Office 2k3

    hi, I can not Open any office files it gives me An error :"Error 1606. Could not access network location:." wat is the nework location? Even I cann't uninstall/install it. It gives me the same error. Wat is the problem? Help me yar. Thanks
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